Selenium IDE "Stored Variables Viewer" plugin to view value of variable

In Selenium IDE test cases, we often using variables to store values like numbers, string, URL etc.. in it to use it in other commands. If you don't know, let me tell you one thing that with the help of "echo" command, we can view current stored value of variable in execution log during software application test case execution.
Click here to view examples of "echo" command. Now plugin "Stored Variables Viewer" can be used as a alternate of "echo" command. Selenium IDE "Stored Variables Viewer" plugin is add on of firefox.

Installation of Selenium IDE "Stored Variables Viewer" plugin
Installation process of of Selenium IDE "Stored Variables Viewer" plugin is very easy.

  • Open URL in Mozilla Firefox.
  • You will see add on search box on that page. type and search for "Stored Variables Viewer (Selenium IDE)" in search box. Plugin will be listed in search result as shown in bellow image.

On installation completion of add on, restart both Firefox browser and selenium IDE window. Now open Selenium IDE. You will see 'Stored-Vars' tab beside 'Log' tab as shown in bellow image.

In Stores-Vars tab, you will see refresh button to refresh tab elements. Also there are options to 'show default variables', 'Remove selected' variables and 'Remove All' variables as shown in above image.

How to use "Stored Variables Viewer" plugin function
Copy-paste test case from "storeCssCount" and "verifyCssCount" Commands example post in your selenium IDE.

Run test case. After completion of test case execution, click on 'Stored-Vars' tab. Scroll down at last to view variable values result which we have used in our test case as bellow image. This selenium IDE plugin is very helpful for debugging test case for your software web application.

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