Appium Tutorials Part - 1

Appium Tutorial : Mobile software application's craze is increasing day by day. Also peoples are converting there current running software web sites in mobile version and creating apps for mobile application software. For testing point of view, It is very important for us to learn mobile's software application automation testing to stay connected with new technology. Appium is mobile application software testing tool which is currently trending in mobile automation testing industry.

Appium Tutorial

Apium is very close to selenium webdriver software testing tool. It will be very easy to learn appium software testing tool for you if you already knows selenium webdriver. If you do not have knowledge of selenium then please refer selenium webdriver tutorials first which are listed on THIS PAGE.

Here i am presenting some useful tutorials on appium to enhance your knowledge and better career growth in testing field.

Follow the links given bellow one by one to learn appium mobile application software testing tool from scratch.

Note : All bellow given appium tutorial articles are depends on each other. Please start learning from article post 1 and don't skip any article in between. Also read each and every article properly and execute it as given in it's detail to reduce errors.

Appium Tutorial

1 : Appium Tutorial : What Is And Why Need Appium? Limitations Of Appium
2 : Appium Tutorial : Download And Install Java(JDK) In Windows
3 : Appium Tutorial : Download And Install Android SDK In Windows
4 : Appium Tutorial : Set Path Environment Variables For SDK In Windows
5 : Appium Tutorial : Steps To Install ADT Plugin To Use SDK In Eclipse
6 : Appium Tutorial : Install Other Supporting Software For Appium
7 : Appium Tutorial : Steps To Download And Install Appium In Windows
8 : Appium Tutorial : Connect Android Device With PC In USB Debugging Mode
9 : Appium Tutorial : Locating App Elements Using UI Automator Viewer
10 : Appium Tutorial : Get App Element's XPath, ID, Name And className
11 : Appium Tutorial : Find APK Package And Launcher Activity Name
12 : Appium Tutorial : Configure Project In Eclipse For Appium
13 : Appium Tutorial : Running First Android Automation Test Using Appium
14 : Appium Tutorial : Create And Start An Android Virtual Device(Emulator)
15 : Appium Tutorial : Install/Uninstall App In Android Emulator (AVD)



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