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After very long time, New post about selenium IDE. If you are new user of selenium then you can learn selenium IDE commands one by one from command list PART 1 and PART 2 where I have described mostly used commands with simple examples. Selenium IDE can also helps you to automate your web

First of all please look at THIS POST where I have described difference between label and value in drop down or list box. Don't get confused from these two words. Selenium IDE has many assertion commands and all of them are designed for different purpose. Here i am going to describe you "assertSelectedLabels"

Setting wait condition in Selenium IDE or webdriver means pausing your test case execution till expected wait condition match with actual wait condition. You can view different wait condition examples for selenium IDE in THIS LINK and for web driver on THIS LINK. Selenium IDE has 2 related waiting commands to

If you see selenium IDE commands with examples on COMMAND LIST PART 1 and COMMAND LIST PART 2, You will find many commands to perform different actions on web page. But still selenium IDE have not any commands to perform few actions directly like showing hidden element or hiding any

Before discussing on enabling/disabling any element in selenium IDE, Let me tell you one thing - Selenium IDE is less powerful compared to Selenium RC and WebDriver, we can not perform all the tasks in selenium IDE. But still we can automate simple flows very easily in selenium IDE compared to webdriver because

Most of all software web applications contains list box or drop downs on web page and "assertSelectedId" and "assertSelectedIds" commands are very useful to verify and assert the ids of selected label/s from list box. Both these are very good alternatives of "assertSelectedIndex", "assertSelectedIndexes",

In any software application regression test case, you need to verify and wait for different conditions as per test scenario requirement. Selenium IDE has many different buit in VERIFICATION and WAITFOR commands to handle that particular situation. Today we will look at "verifyElementNotPresent" and

Earlier we had seen how to verify selected value of drop down or list box using LABEL, VALUE and INDEX. In selenium IDE, there is one more command is "verifySelectedId" to verify id of selected value in drop down or list box. If your drop down value contains id attribute then you can use it to select it. Let me

Selenium IDE is free, easy and simple record and play regression testing tool and it is very easy to prepare regression testing test cases of any software web application if flow of execution is not much more complex and harder. More complex applications can not be automated in selenium IDE and we need to use

Check box is very essential element of any software web application page and you will find it on many pages so obviously we need to include it in our automation process. Selenium IDE has few commands which are specially developed for checkbox. In my earlier posts, we had seen many check box related commands like

In Selenium IDE, "assertNotSelectedIndexes" and "assertNotSelectedIndex" commands are nearest same. Both are working with drop down or list box of software web application page. If you knows how to use "assertNotSelectedLabel" and "assertNotSelectedLabels" commands then it will be very easy for you

We have already seen examples of "assertElementHeight" and "assertElementWidth" commands. In those examples, we have seen that "assertElementHeight" and "assertElementWidth" commands will pass if expected and actual height or width of element will match. Else it will fail and return error message and

As you know, there are many waitfor commands available in selenium IDE to handle wait conditions of software web applications. Each and every one has different purpose. "waitForAlert" and "waitForAlertPresent" commands are related to alerts. You can view more alert related commands list with

My all tutorials on Selenium IDE are with practical examples and you can view all command examples on Example Page -1 and Example Page -2. Let me describe you 2 more selenium IDE commands which are related to confirmation message. We have already seen how to use

Selenium IDE has too many assertion commands and "assertTable" and "assertNotTable" are the part of them. "assertTable" and "assertNotTable" are useful to for table data assertion. Both are working opposite to each other. Both are looking for targeted text in to specified cell address. Based on the command, if

JavaScript is the most important component of software web application. Developers generally using JavaScript to generate alert, to generate confirmation message, to handle client side validation etc.. If you will disable JavaScript of your browser then you will not get alert message or confirmation message or client side validation message on your action.

"verifyNotAlert" and "assertNotAlert" are assertion commands of selenium IDE. Both are works opposite to "verifyAlert" and "assertAlert" commands. First of all you look at example of "verifyAlert" and "assertAlert" Commands and then execute bellow given example to understand actual function of

"runScript" command can be used for the different purpose in different condition. You can use it to run any java script in selenium IDE. View my previous 3 posts where i have described how to use "runScript" command for different purpose. Today we are taking one example of changing page title using "runScript"

"runScript" command Example 1 and Example 2 will describe you how to generate alert message in selenium IDE. Now let we go at next step. Supposing i have a drop down containing labels Volvo, Saab, Opel, Audi, Toyota and Renault. I want to pick one specific label from it to store it in to variable to

Before learning "storePrompt" and "verifyPrompt" commands, you should be aware about the difference between alert, confirmation and prompt. You will see 3 buttons on this link. 1. Show me Confirmation, 2. Show Me Alert and 3. Show Me Prompt. Press each one by one and see difference between them. Prompt