Create Data Driven Framework For Selenium WebDriver Using POI, TestNG And ANT

If you are using selenium webdriver as automation tool to test software web application and wants to create selenium webdriver data driven framework from scratch then follow bellow given steps. It will guide how to create data driven framework in selenium webdriver step by step to test software web application.

Peoples are using different frameworks like keyword driven framework, data driven framework, hybrid framework and POM with selenium webdriver to test software web application. Which framework to use is depends you software web application type. If you are testing software web application where need to use very large data in automation test process then you can use data driven or hybrid framework.

Selenium Data Driven Framework

Read Selenium WebDriver Tutorial PART-1 and PART-2 before data driven framework creation.


Please follow bellow given links to create selenium web driver data driven framework from scratch

STEP 12Reporting Test Suite Execution Status
STEP 13 : Add Test Case Skip Function In automation framework
STEP 14 : Add Data Skip Function In Framework For Selenium
STEP 15 : Reporting Test Data Result In Excel
STEP 16 : Reporting Test Failure In TestNG Reports
STEP 17 : Reporting Test Cases Results In Excel
STEP 18Implement Logging Using Log4j
STEP 19ANT - Generate XSLT Reports - Part 1
STEP 20 : ANT - Generate XSLT Reports - Part 2
STEP 21Run WebDriver Test From Batch(.bat) File
STEP 22 : Introduce Selenium WebDriver In Framework
STEP 23 : Implement Load Browser Function
STEP 24 : Running Test In Different Browsers
STEP 25 : URL Centralization For Easy Future Maintanance
STEP 26 : Implement Calc Sum Test In DDF
STEP 27 : Create Object Repository For Framework
STEP 28 : Create getElementByXPath Function
STEP 29 : Create Functions For All Other Locator Types
STEP 30 : Implement Calc Tests In All Test Cases
STEP 31 : Capturing Screenshot On Failure Or Pass


Selenium WebDriver data driven Framework key features
  • It will support only .xls files as Input data feed.
  • It will use Apache POI API to read data from .xls files and write results In .xls files.
  • It will use TestNG-XSLT Reports to generate results reports In HTML format.
  • You can feed multiple combinations of test data for executing single test case. Example : Validating Log in form's username and password fields with different sets of data.
  • You can set Test suite execution mode (Test Suite To Be Executed or Not) In .xls file.
  • You can set Test case execution mode (Test Case To Be Executed or Not) In .xls file.
  • You can set Test data execution mode (Test Data To Be Executed or Not) In .xls file.
  • Reporting test case execution results (Pass, Fail or Skip) In .xls file after test case execution.
  • Reporting test data execution results (Pass, Fail or Skip) In .xls file after test data execution.
  • It will use Log4j - Apache Logging Services to generate execution log In applog.log file.
  • Easy to maintain software web application's web page elements as It will use object repository to fetch web page element.
  • Easy to understand, maintain and integrate with any software web application's test process.
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