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In Selenium IDE test cases, we often using variables to store values like numbers, string, URL etc.. in it to use it in other commands. If you don't know, let me tell you one thing that with the help of "echo" command, we can view current stored value of variable in execution log during software application test case execution.

Selenium IDE has built in Log tab where you can see selenium command Execution log of your software application test case but there is not any built in tool to save that log in file. I found one related selenium IDE plugin named "File Logging (Selenium IDE)" developed by Samit Badle. "File Logging (Selenium IDE)" is

Highlighting individual element will be done directly by using "highlight" command with selenium IDE. You can see script Example 1, Example 2 and Example 3 for "highlight" command. Now if you want to highlight each and every element of software web application with selenium IDE command execution then

Selenium IDE has a built in functionality to exporting recorded test case and test suite of web software application but it has not any built in functionality to export test case results and test suite results. Solution for exporting test case and test suite result is "Test Results (Selenium IDE)" plugin and it is developed by

"Screenshot on fail" plugin for selenium IDE

"Screenshot on fail" plugin is developed by Samit Badle for advanced selenium IDE. Same as selenium IDE, "Screenshot on fail" plugin is Firefox add on. It is very useful plugin for selenium IDE to capture screenshot of page when your command execution fails due to the any reason like targeted element not