Selenium IDE "File Logging Plugin" to save log in file

Selenium IDE has built in Log tab where you can see selenium command Execution log of your software application test case but there is not any built in tool to save that log in file. I found one related selenium IDE plugin named "File Logging (Selenium IDE)" developed by Samit Badle. "File Logging (Selenium IDE)" is
Firefox add on and useful to save selenium IDE command execution log, error log or warning log in to file.

How to install File Logging Plugin
Installation process of file logging plugin software for selenium IDE is same as other add on of Firefox.

You will see "File Logging" drop down option on log tab of selenium IDE window as shown in bellow image.

You can see 'FileLogging' tab on selenium IDE options window as shown in bellow image.

How to use File Logging Plugin with selenium IDE

Understanding Log Levels
There are total 4 Log level modes in File Logging Plugin. You can set Log level as per your requirement
1. Log level -> Debug
2. Log level -> Info
3. Log level -> Warn
4. Log level -> Error

Log level -> Debug
Debug log level will save debug log info in to file. It will help you if you knows debugging of selenium IDE command execution.

Log level -> Info
Info log level will save command execution info in to log file including errors.

Log level -> Warn
Warn Log level will store only warning messages in log file if appears during selenium IDE script execution.

Log level -> Error
Warn Log level will store only error messages in log file if appears during selenium IDE script execution.

Logging in file
To save log in file,

  • First of all you need to create .CSV or .txt(Text) file in your drive. Create file 'Selenium IDE Log.CSV' in your D: Drive.
  • Go to FileLogging tab from Options -> Options -> FileLogging.
  • Select Log File = 'Selenium IDE Log.CSV' by clicking on browse button as shown in bellow image.

  • Click on 'OK' button to close selenium IDE options window.
  • Now copy paste selenium IDE script in your selenium IDE from any of these example posts.
  • Set Log level -> Info as shown in bellow image.
  • Run your Selenium IDE script.

After completion of script execution, Open 'Selenium IDE Log.CSV' file from D: drive. You can see script execution log in that file. Every time you run your script, new log will be appended bellow existing log. You can set different log levels as per your requirement. You can also insert log time stamp by selecting 'Log time stamp with log messages' check box from "selenium IDE options" window as shown in bellow image.

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