SelectorsHub for chrome extension is XPath, JSPath, cssSelector tool and it is very easy to understand and use. Earlier we learned how to install SelectorsHub for Chrome and in different browsers and basic features like how to get XPath or cssSelector of any web element to use it in selenium webdriver test script, using advanced featured from chrome devtool. I hope it has helped you lot to kick start learning selectorshub extension for chrome. Now we will look at few more features of SelectorsHub.

We have used many different tools and methods to find XPath and CSS selectors for selenium webdriver. But SelectorsHub chrome extension is Next generation XPath and CSS selectors which is invented and created by Sanjay Kumar. selectorshub for chrome is very smart and intelligent IDE using which you can build XPath and CSSSelectors within 5 seconds without loosing your XPath and CSS selector writing skill for selenium WebDriver. It is supported in almost all popular browsers like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge and Opera. It has so many features which we haven't seen in any other XPath and CSS Selectors IDE. selectorshub extension for chrome is free tool and save lot of your time. Earlier we had learnt ChroPath to find XPath or CSS Selectors of element.

In this post, We will learn how to install SelectorsHub in chrome and different browsers and usage of it's different features.

BrowserStack is web cloud platform which provides us an environment to test web and mobile applications on different version combinations of OS and browsers. BrowserStack provides limited access in Free trial version but you can get full access in Paid version's different plans. Many of you already aware about it's different features and usage. But still let me introduce you with browserstack little bit.

Earlier we already learn different selenium webdriver methods to add cookie, get cookies detail by name and all cookies. Sometimes you also need to delete all cookies in selenium webdriver test. You may experience where website is asking for permission to run and use cookies when you first time visit the site. Cookies is piece of experience which helps user to retain login, search history and other details for better user experience. Some time you need to clear all cookies in selenium test and you need selenium webdriver command to delete all cookies in the browser. Selenium Webdriver have built in deleteAllCookies() to Delete all cookies from current running browser window in test.

Earlier we learnt how to add cookie and get cookie details using different methods like addCookie(), getCookieNamed() and getCookies(). Sometimes you also need to delete cookies in selenium. Selenium delete cookies can be done using deleteCookieNamed() or passing cookie object in deleteCookie() method.

Any site can have single or multiple cookies. If you know cookie name then you can get it's detail easily using getCookieNamed(). But if there are multiple cookies and you need all of them then you need to use getCookies(). Selenium webdriver get cookies will retrieve all cookies of site you are navigating in selenium webdriver test. Here we will learn how webdriver get cookies using getCookies() and extracting all cookie detail using Java Set interface and Iterate through cookie set using Iterator. selenium webdriver get cookies will help you to extract browser cookie when run selenium test.

Selenium webdriver add cookie and selenium webdriver get Cookie Named are very useful methods. Most of all you are already aware about browser cookie. Basically cookie is piece of data that is stored in your browser. It is sent from website you visit and mostly it is used to recognize if user return to website again. In sort, It tracks your website navigation journey. Cookie consist of different parameters like name, value, expiry, path, etc. 

Sometimes you need selenium webdriver add cookie during your test. selenium add cookie can help you to add browser cookie manually. Here we will see how can we add cookie and get cookie from browser in selenium webdriver using addCookie() and getCookieNamed().

Sometimes you need to set Dimension and Position of your browser window. We have built in selenium dimension class and selenium Position class with many different methods. We can use dimension class in selenium and Position class in selenium and it's methods to set dimensions and positions of browser window. Let's see how we can use Dimension and Position methods to manage size and position