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JavaScript is the most important component of software web application. Developers generally using JavaScript to generate alert, to generate confirmation message, to handle client side validation etc.. If you will disable JavaScript of your browser then you will not get alert message or confirmation message or client side validation message on your action.

Many tutorial post are available for selenium IDE Mouse related commands but mouse scrolling event was missing from them till now. You need mouse scrolling event when you are testing software application like Facebook. In Facebook, post are loaded on mouse scrolling if you have seen. In this kind of scenario,

I posted other posts too for "storeEval". Click here to view more tutorials of selenium IDE "storeEval" command. In software testing using selenium IDE, many times you needs to verify or compare the number of records list during activity like searching, adding or deleting records. Generally, record count displayed on

We can use  "waitForElementPresent" command to wait till element appears on page. One other command "waitForTextPresent" command to wait till text display on software application page. Sameway, "waitForCondition" command will wait for condition until targeted condition not match. This selenium

There are many advanced selenium IDE tutorial posts available about different commands, methods and selenium IDE plugins and i think that all of them will help you to make your software testing process easy using selenium IDE. Now let me tell you one more interesting and most useful command to include in your

If you are using Selenium IDE regularly for software web application testing then it is important for you to access selenium IDE on single click. Click here to read more Selenium IDE tutorials. In general we are accessing selenium IDE window from Mozilla Firefox à ‘Tools’ Menu àSelenium IDE. Now let me tell

"Rollup" command is used as a bunch of commands in selenium IDE. "Rollup" command is very useful feature in selenium IDE to reduce size of test case. Let me tell you one example for better understanding. Suppose we are testing any mail login software application features considering bellow given scenarios.

We already learnt about random number generation and concatenation of random number with other string like email id in Selenium IDE - Generating random number using javascript with example post. Now let me give you few examples for generating random alpha numeric string, generating only random numeric

In Selenium IDE test cases, we often using variables to store values like numbers, string, URL etc.. in it to use it in other commands. If you don't know, let me tell you one thing that with the help of "echo" command, we can view current stored value of variable in execution log during software application test case execution.

"Screenshot on fail" plugin for selenium IDE

"Screenshot on fail" plugin is developed by Samit Badle for advanced selenium IDE. Same as selenium IDE, "Screenshot on fail" plugin is Firefox add on. It is very useful plugin for selenium IDE to capture screenshot of page when your command execution fails due to the any reason like targeted element not