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Test Management - Bug Tracking Tools

Test management and bug tracking is very important part of software testing life cycle. You need test management tool where you can store testing activity related stuff and information like how testing will be done, planning of testing activities and track process and progress of testing. It should allow you to write and manage test case, test environment, bug posting and tracking activities and test planning activities.

There are many test management and bug tracking tools are available in market. Some of them are paid and others are open source. Most of the companies are using open source tools to manage testing activities. We have prepared tutorials on popular test management and bug tracking tools which can helps you to work with them. Most of the companies are using bellow given tools for managing their testing process and life cycle. Follow the tutorial link.

Test Management And Bug Tracking Tools

  1. Manual Testing Tutorials Part 1
  2. Manual Testing Tutorials Part 2
  3. JIRA Tutorials
  4. Testlink Tutorials

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  1. Hi,

    Wonderful blog this is, really helpful for a beginner.
    Will love to see automation using protractor, cucumber, different testing frameworks for Angular JS applications like Mocha, Chai, Jasmine etc.

    Keep up the good work. God bless you !!

    True follower.