Selenium WebDriver Tutorials Part Two


Software testing industry is growing day by day and usage of selenium webdriver in software testing process is also increasing very fast. It is very important to learn selenium webdriver if you wants to stay on top in software testing industry. Bellow given selenium webdriver tutorials will helps you to learn selenium webdriver and usage of testng with selenium webdriver to automate any software web application.

WebDriver Basic Action Commands With Example

Selenium Basic Action Commands
  1. WebDriver Basic Action Commands And Operations With Examples
  2. Opening And Maximizing Firefox Browser And Opening URL
  3. Clicking On Button
  4. Submitting Form Using .submit() Method
  5. Store Text Of Element
  6. Typing Text In To Text box
  7. Get Page Title Of Software Web Application
  8. Get Current Page URL
  9. Get Domain Name
  10. Generating Alert Manually
  11. Selecting Value From Dropdown Or Listbox
  12. Deselecting Value From Dropdown Or Listbox
  13. Navigating Back And Forward
  14. Verify Element Present
  15. Capturing Entire Page Screenshot
  16. Generating Mouse Hover Event
  17. Handling Multiple Windows
  18. Verify Element Is Enabled Or Not
  19. Enable/Disable Element
  20. Handling Alert, Confirmation and Prompt popup
  21. Handle Unexpected Alert Of Software Web Application
  22. Highlighting element Of Software Web Application
  23. Reading Font Properties Using .getCssValue()
WebDriver Wait For Examples Using JUnit And Eclipse

Implicit And Explicit Wait In Selenium
  1. How to apply implicit wait in selenium WebDriver script
  2. Explicit Wait - For Element
  3. Explicit Wait - For Text
  4. Explicit Wait - For Alert
  5. Explicit Wait - For Element Visible
  6. Explicit Wait - For Element Invisible
WebDriver Other Examples
  1. findElement() And findElements() Difference
  2. Generating Log In WebDriver
  3. Creating Object Repository Using Properties File
  4. Extracting All Links From Page
  5. Extracting All Text Box From Page
  6. Extracting/Reading Table Data
  7. Handle Dynamic Web Table
  8. Create And Use Custom Firefox Profile In Selenium WebDriver Test
  9. Downloading Files Using Selenium WebDriver
  10. Handling Ajax Auto Suggest Drop List
  11. Parameterization/Data Driven Testing
  12. Selenium WebDriver Interview Questions
TestNG Framework Tutorials
TestNG Framework Tutorial
  1. Introduction Of TestNG
  2. TestNG Installation Steps
  3. Similarities and Difference Between TestNG and JUnit
  4. Create And Run First TestNG-WebDriver Test
  5. TestNg annotations with examples
  6. Creating And Running WebDriver Test Suit Using testng.xml File
  7. Creating Single Or Multiple Tests For Multiple Classes
  8. Creating Test Suite Using Class From Different Packages
  9. Creating Test Suite Using Selected Or All Packages
  10. Including Only Selected Test Methods In Selenium WebDriver-TestNg Test
  11. testng.xml - Include/Exclude Selenium WebDriver Test Package
  12. testng.xml - Using Regular Expression To Include/Exclude Test Method
  13. testng.xml - Skip Test Intentionally Using SkipException()
  14. Data driven Testing using @DataProvider Annotation Of TestNG
  15. Parallel test execution In multiple browsers using @Parameters annotation

WebDriver Assertions With TestNG

TestNG Assertion Tutorial

Hard Assertions : 
  1. assertEquals Assertion With Example
  2. assertNotEquals Assertion With Example
  3. assertTrue Assertion With Example
  4. assertFalse Assertion With Example
  5. assertNull Assertion With Example
  6. assertNotNull Assertion With Example
Soft Assertion : 
Applying TestNG Soft Assertion With Example

Common Functions To Use In WebDriver Test

  1. Common Function To Compare Two Strings
  2. Common Function To Compare Two Integers
  3. Common Function To Compare Two Doubles
  4. Common Function To Open And Close Browser
  5. Common Function To LogIn And LogOut
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