Testlink Tutorial And Documentation

Testlink Tutorial : Testlink is opensource web based test management and requirement management tool. Testlink is most popular test management tool on software industry. We have prepared series of tutorials on test link to demonstrate you what is test link and how to use test link for better software test management practice.

Testlink Tutorial

  1. TestLink introduction
  2. TestLink Installation
  3. TestLink - Test Project Creation
  4. Create Test Plan and Test Build in TestLink
  5. Test Specification in TestLink
  6. Requirement Specification in TestLink
  7. Test Case Writing in Test Link
  8. Execution of test cases in TestLink
  9. Crete Custom Field and Keywords in TestLink
  10. Role Management in TestLink
  11. Metrics Dashboard in TestLink
  12. Search Test Cases in TestLink
  13. TestLink - Copy and Move Get Word Document of Test Cases
  14. Reports in TestLink
  15. Automate Testlink Test Case Result Using Selenium

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