How To Install JIRA In Windows?

How can we Install JIRA In Windows?
  • JIRA can be used as cloud environment and Server or Company's own environment.
  • For Cloud environment, User does not need to install jira software.
  • For Server, User needs to install JIRA on the Server or System.
  • JIRA is license version software project management tool. User has to but it.
  • They also give 30 days’ free trial.
Please follow bellow given steps to Install JIRA in Windows System
Prerequisite : Java software should be installed in your system and JAVA_HOME environment variable should be set. Follow the steps given on THIS PAGE if it is not installed in your system.
  • For company’s own environment set up, we need to Install JIRA for available port.
  • You can download 30 days free trial of jira from THIS LINK.
  • It will show you screen like bellow. Click on Download button to start downloading jira software.
  • After download, Take .exe file on desktop do double click on icon and 'Run' it.
  • Now you need to click on 'Next' button.
  • Then again one screen will be displayed, here you need to select 'Custom Install'
  • We can do installation for server and particular system. 
  • Select destination directory and click on ‘Next’.

  • Use default ports first. If 8080 port is used here, You can enter here Server's Port also. JIRA will run on that particular port only.

  • This is the last step for installation of Customize service of  JIRA. 
  • Now If user wants to access JIRA then he should enter URL as IP Adrress:Port number/
  • For Example
  • Take Here IP Address(System where jira is installed) as, Port- 8080
  • User will get login screen as shown bellow after installation.
How to create account on JIRA using Cloud Environment
  • For Cloud Service, User Need to create account from THIS PAGE by entering valid email address and Password then verification mail has been sent to them.
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