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JIRA can create reports with proper information. We will learn here what type of report has been created from JIRA.

It is the best feature which have been given by JIRA. User can save time and get information about each and every piece of project as JIRA created prefect report from information.

It will differentiate all the details in proper manner so user can easily understand what the position of the project is. We can see the types of reports in below screen.

We can create different user from JIRA software. Administrator has all rights to create users for particular project. We will learn here how we can do that.

You need to log in first with JIRA administrator. Normal user cannot create another user as he does not have rights to creation. 

JIRA Issue tracking software provides much better functionality for filtering too. We will learn this in this article. It will display you particular data whatever you needed. If you have thousand of bugs, hundreds of software project still you can easily find what you want perfectly.

Creating issues in JIRA is the most crucial part. We will learn here that how we can post an issue in JIRA tool. We need to enter all the details about the bug step by step. Take a look on the image.

Agile Methodology :
JIRA software follows agile methodology but here we need to understand first what is agile model actually means. Project management can be done by following agile method. Agile model contain many stages for managing whole software application. We can see this in image.

JIRA is being used because it has the best work flow for managing software project. Thus, we will learn here about the whole work flow of JIRA software project management tool. First you need to create an issue with assigning priority.

If issue blocks the software web application then select priority as ‘Blocker’, If issue has high priority and it is harm the major functionality of the application then select ‘Critical’, If issue has medium priority and not affected more to the software application but still it occurred then select ‘Minor’ status for it and last status is ‘Trivial’ which we can use for posting UI issues or designing issues.

Jira is Bug tracking, Issue tracking and Project Management software tool developed by Australian company Atlassian, Inc. It can help you for better software project management and software application's issue tracking. Bellow given Jira software tutorials will guide you how to use Jira. Go through each step of Jira software tutorials one by one.

  1. JIRA Video Tutorials
  2. JIRA - Introduction
  3. How To Install JIRA In Windows?
  4. JIRA Installation Steps In Linux
  5. JIRA – First Project Creation
  6. Different Issue Types In Jira
  7. Work Flow of JIRA
  8. Agile Methodology of JIRA
  9. Create an Issue in JIRA
  10. Filters In Jira Software
  11. Create User In Jira
  12. Different Reports In Jira


JIRA has a big feature which is known as Issue tracking. First of all we need to understand here what Issue tracking actually mean is, JIRA can manage all the type of issues which have been occurred in the project duration.

There are different types of issues which have been managed very specifically in JIRA. You can see in the image. We will learn one by one briefly.

After completing the installation process of JIRA software, we will learn about creating first project in this article.

When the last step of JIRA software installation have been completed then you will navigate to the ‘localhost:8080/’ which indicates that JIRA software is about to start. Here 8080 is the port where you have installed it.

Earlier in my PREVIOUS POST, We learnt about how to install JIRA in windows OS. In this article, we will learn how to install JIRA in Linux machine.Kindly follow below steps for installing JIRA on Linux machine. Let's start how to do it.

Prerequisite Java software should be installed in your system.

How can we Install JIRA In Windows?
  • JIRA can be used as cloud environment and Server or Company's own environment.
  • For Cloud environment, User does not need to install jira software.
  • For Server, User needs to install JIRA on the Server or System.
  • JIRA is license version software project management tool. User has to but it.
  • They also give 30 days’ free trial.

Why Need JIRA?
For better Project Management and Issue tracking, We need a tool which can fulfill bellow given requirements.
  • Manager can create new software project.
  • User can describe information and additional points which are discussed with team regarding software project.
  • User can maintain and track progress of software project.
  • User can track what types of issues have been faced during the development phase.
  • User can track what type of issues have been Posted by Software QA team.
  • What are the enhancements and changes have been done during the Process.
  • Whole Team can be aware of all the communications.
  • Managing person can assign the tasks to team members for managing Project.
  • User can search tasks, Issues etc..
  • Team can give their feedback for more improvements.
  • Reports for the all the procedure should be created.