JIRA - Introduction

Why Need JIRA?
For better Project Management and Issue tracking, We need a tool which can fulfill bellow given requirements.
  • Manager can create new software project.
  • User can describe information and additional points which are discussed with team regarding software project.
  • User can maintain and track progress of software project.
  • User can track what types of issues have been faced during the development phase.
  • User can track what type of issues have been Posted by Software QA team.
  • What are the enhancements and changes have been done during the Process.
  • Whole Team can be aware of all the communications.
  • Managing person can assign the tasks to team members for managing Project.
  • User can search tasks, Issues etc..
  • Team can give their feedback for more improvements.
  • Reports for the all the procedure should be created.
Above listed functionality has been satisfied by JIRA Project Management software which we are going to learn. We will learn how JIRA can manage everything, how we can use this tool properly this all query will be solved soon.

What is JIRA?

  • JIRA is a software tool which has been developed by Australian company. This tool is used for Bug tracking, Issue tracking and Project Management. It allows you to assign, prioritize, report and audit your 'Issues' of a Project or change request.
  • It is extensible platform as it is customize different units and work flow of a project by using Agile methodology.
  • It improves productivity by saving time and improves quality by ensuring all task information and follow-ups till the completion of a project.

As per the image we can consider that First a Project have been created from JIRA tool and then all other Procedure will take place. Projects have their different Components like one application is developed in web and integrated with android device. And If any changes will be required for improvement of developed project then it can be divide in different Version.


There are much different type of issues which we can post it on jira. We can Prioritize issue in Low level , Medium Level , High level and critical Level. Thus, basically we can say that the Project can be combination of many issues.

Work Flow

JIRA followed agile model for working. As agile have feature like we can fix the bug in the middle of the development so it will quite good then waterfall model. Thus, JIRA followed this methodology. Here is the example of JIRA work flow,

  • Open is the status of the issue which indicates that issue have been found in project.
  • When developer start to solved it then it status changed in to 'In progress'
  • if issues is solved then it will have 'Resolved' status and if it marked as solved but actually some problem is still occurred due to the same issue then it will have status as 'Reopened'.
  • Once an issue have been solved properly then it will have status as 'Closed'.
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