Appium Interview Questions With Answers

1. : What Is Appium?
Answer : Appium is an open source mobile application automation testing tool. Using appium, We can automate native applications, Mobile web applications and mobile hybrid applications on Android and IOS platforms. VIEW MORE DETAIL

2. : What are the prerequisites to install appium in windows?
Answer : You need to install few software before install and use appium in windows. Bellow given software are required to install appium in windows.

  1. Java JDK and set JAVA_HOME. VIEW DETAIL
  2. Android SDK(API Level >= 17)(VIEW DETAIL) and set ANDROID_HOME(VIEW DETAIL).
  3. Microsoft .Net Framework, Node JS and PDANet+ for Android(optional). VIEW DETAIL.
  4. Also you need other software, client libraries and jar files like Eclipse IDE with testng installed, Selenium Server JAR, Webdriver Language Binding Library, APPIUM for Windows.
3. : Appium is cross platform or platform independent?
Answer : Appium is cross platform software automation testing tool. You can write software automation tests for multiple platforms like Android, IOS using same API of Appium.

4. : What is main advantage of cross platform support of Appium?
Answer : Using cross platform support of Appium, You can reduce your software automation test-suite's code size as you can reuse code between Android and IOS test-suites.

5. : In which language appium is written?
Answer : Appium server is written in Node.js. You can install it directly from Node Package Manager(NPM) or you can build and install it from source.

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