How To Start Appium Node Server From Command Prompt

Earlier we learnt how to download and Install appium server In windows during THIS POST and THIS POST will show you how to launch appium from windows start menu and then how to start appium node server manually from appium Interface. It Is not compulsory to start appium software node server from Interface only to test android software app. You can start appium server from command prompt too. Bellow given steps will show you how to start appium node server from command prompt to automate android software app.

  1. Appium should be Installed In your windows system and environment should be configured. VIEW Appium environment configuration steps.
  2. Node JS should be Installed. View THIS POST.
Set Path System Variable Of Node JS
Earlier we Installed Node JS software. Installation will create nodejs folder at C:\Program Files\ Path. We need to set this path(C:\Program Files\nodejs followed by ;(semicolon)) as system path variable as shown In bellow Image. View THIS POST to learn more about how to open Environment variable dialog and set Path variable.

Start Appium Node Server From Command Prompt
If you look at path C:\Program Files, There will be folder for Appium software which Is created during appium Installation. We can start appium server using command prompt from this folder.
  • Navigate to C: -> Program Files -> Appium -> node_modules folder.
  • Press and hold Ctrl + Shift Keys of keyboard and press mouse right click. It will open context menu as shown bellow.

  • Select "Open command Window here" from context menu. It will open command prompt with navigation to given node_modules folder path.
  • Type command node appium In command prompt and press enter.

  • It will take some time to start appium server. When server get started, It will show you log  message like "Welcome to Appium v...etc " as shown in above Image.
  • You can press CTRL+C to stop appium server on test completion.
That means appium server Is running and we can use It to perform Android software app testing on mobile devices. This way we can start appium server from command prompt too.

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  1. Appium sure does look like a great mobile testing framework to get into.