What Is AutoIT V3 And Why We Need It In Selenium WebDriver

As you know, It Is very hard to automate windows popup dialog box like file upload dialog, file download and save dialog, windows authentication dialog etc In selenium webdriver because It Is designed to automate web applications. Surly there are few work around to do all these things In selenium webdriver but do not have any strong and stable feature using which we can do all these things easily. In this section, We will learn something about Auto IT automation and Its usage with webdriver.

What Is AutoIT V3?
We can say, Auto IT Is Automation tool using which we can automate windows GUI. It Is freeware automation tool. Best use of auto It Is to simulate mouse and keyboard events like keystroke, mouse movement, working with windows native popup dialog etc. It Is mostly used for automating desktop applications.

Why AutoIT V3?
Main reasons behind using auto IT are as bellow.
  • Open Source Tool : It Is freeware automation tool with many features.
  • Easy to download and Install - It Is very easy to Install Auto IT. You can download .exe file from It official website.
  • Easy to learn and use - It uses very simple scripting language. Anyone can understand Its different methods and functions very easily. In help section of Auto IT, Each function Is described with detailed description and example.
  • Simulates keystrokes and mouse events - This Is the main reason behind using It. It Is very stable with keystrokes and mouse movement events.
  • Standalone compile and execution - It has built In feature to compile script and generate .exe executable file. You not need any extra add-on to do all these things.
  • Easy to handle windows elements : It Is very easy to handle windows elements like dialog, popup, buttons, text box and all other elements.
Why Need AutoIT V3 With Selenium WebDriver?
Many web applications contains forms with file uploading feature, Some times you need to test file downloading feature, Sometimes you need to handle windows authentication popups. Sometimes It Is not possible or I can say hard to handle all these things using only selenium webdriver. To handle all these situations easily, We can use AutoIT generated .exe file with selenium webdriver. Because AutoIT handles all these things very easily.

Read my next post to know how to download and Install AutoIT.

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  1. Is there any other way of automating dialog boxes without AutoIT?