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Use of AutoIt with selenium webdriver Is very useful because selenium webdriver Is not able to handle windows dialog like file upload dialog, file download dialog, HTTP proxy authentication dialog etc. But AutoIt Is desktop application testing tool and It Is very stable with handling all these kind of dialog. Let's try to work with HTTP proxy authentication dialog.

Downloading file using selenium webdriver Is also tricky task. I have already described how to handle file download functionality In selenium webdriver by creating custom firefox profile In THIS POST. It Is really very long task. At place of using custom profile approach, We can use AutoIt script with selenium webdriver to download file from any web page.

As you know, File uploading Is very hard In selenium webdriver because It Is not able to handle file uploading dialog. So we will use AutoIT with selenium webdriver to upload file In web applications. We have already created AutoIt script (Script To Upload File.exe) In previous post which can select file from File Upload dialog. We will learn how to Integrate that AutoIt script with selenium webdriver In this section.

Before creating and running file upload script In AutoIT, You must be aware about what Is AutoIT and how to Install It. I have already described about AutoIT In THIS POST and how to download and Install It In THIS POST. Now let us learn how to create script In AutoIT to upload file using selenium webdriver.

As I described In PREVIOUS POST, Auto IT Is opensource automation tool and can help us to handle windows element In our selenium webdriver test cases. We need AutoIT and AutoIT script editor to write test scripts.

Steps To Download AutoIT

As you know, It Is very hard to automate windows popup dialog box like file upload dialog, file download and save dialog, windows authentication dialog etc In selenium webdriver because It Is designed to automate web applications. Surly there are few work around to do all these things In selenium webdriver but do not have any strong and stable feature using which we can do all these things easily. In this section, We will learn something about Auto IT automation and Its usage with webdriver.