Selenium IDE "assertTable" and "assertNotTable" Command Examples

Selenium IDE has too many assertion commands and "assertTable" and "assertNotTable" are the part of them. "assertTable" and "assertNotTable" are useful to for table data assertion. Both are working opposite to each other. Both are looking for targeted text in to specified cell address. Based on the command, if
condition will not match then command will fail and selenium IDE will stop its execution.

"assertTable" Command
"assertTable" command will retrieve text from targeted cell address and compare it with text specified in value column. If both texts match then command will pass else it will return error like '[error] Actual value '25' did not match '24'' and selenium IDE will stop execution.

"assertNotTable" Command
"assertNotTable" command works in opposite to "assertTable" command. If both texts will not match then it will be pass else it will return error like "[error] Actual value '25' did match '25'".

Look at bellow given example and run it in selenium IDE.

New Test
assertTablecss=div > table.1.425
assertNotTablecss=div > table.1.426
assertNotTablecss=div > table.1.425
assertTablecss=div > table.1.424

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