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After very long time, New post about selenium IDE. If you are new user of selenium then you can learn selenium IDE commands one by one from command list PART 1 and PART 2 where I have described mostly used commands with simple examples. Selenium IDE can also helps you to automate your web

Setting wait condition in Selenium IDE or webdriver means pausing your test case execution till expected wait condition match with actual wait condition. You can view different wait condition examples for selenium IDE in THIS LINK and for web driver on THIS LINK. Selenium IDE has 2 related waiting commands to

In any software application regression test case, you need to verify and wait for different conditions as per test scenario requirement. Selenium IDE has many different buit in VERIFICATION and WAITFOR commands to handle that particular situation. Today we will look at "verifyElementNotPresent" and

Earlier we had seen how to verify selected value of drop down or list box using LABEL, VALUE and INDEX. In selenium IDE, there is one more command is "verifySelectedId" to verify id of selected value in drop down or list box. If your drop down value contains id attribute then you can use it to select it. Let me

Selenium IDE is free, easy and simple record and play regression testing tool and it is very easy to prepare regression testing test cases of any software web application if flow of execution is not much more complex and harder. More complex applications can not be automated in selenium IDE and we need to use

Check box is very essential element of any software web application page and you will find it on many pages so obviously we need to include it in our automation process. Selenium IDE has few commands which are specially developed for checkbox. In my earlier posts, we had seen many check box related commands like

In Selenium IDE, "assertNotSelectedIndexes" and "assertNotSelectedIndex" commands are nearest same. Both are working with drop down or list box of software web application page. If you knows how to use "assertNotSelectedLabel" and "assertNotSelectedLabels" commands then it will be very easy for you

Selenium IDE has too many assertion commands and "assertTable" and "assertNotTable" are the part of them. "assertTable" and "assertNotTable" are useful to for table data assertion. Both are working opposite to each other. Both are looking for targeted text in to specified cell address. Based on the command, if

"waitForTable" and "storeTable" are html table related commands. Both have different functions. As name suggest, "waitForTable" is useful to waiting for table data and we can use "storeTable" to store table data in to variable. You can take a look at other "store" Commands and "waitFor" Commands for your

"verifyOrdered" and "assertOrdered" commands in selenium IDE are provided to verify the element's sort order of same parent node on software web application page. It will check sort order of element in ascending order. Look in to bellow given image.

Selecting new opened window using "selectWindow" command in selenium IDE is very easy if new window has title or name. Click here to view example of "selectWindow" command with title as a target. If window has title then we can add it's title in target field with "selectWindow" command and this way selenium

If you are using Selenium IDE regularly for software web application testing then it is important for you to access selenium IDE on single click. Click here to read more Selenium IDE tutorials. In general we are accessing selenium IDE window from Mozilla Firefox à ‘Tools’ Menu àSelenium IDE. Now let me tell