"pause", "refresh" and "waitForPageToLoad" commands in selenium IDE

"pause" Command

"pause" command is simple wait command and useful for stop execution of selenium IDE software automation testing tool for given time. In bellow given example, it will wait for 5 second and then it will execute next "refresh" command.

New Test
Command Target Value
open https://www.google.co.in/
pause 5000

waitForPageToLoad 10000
open https://www.google.co.in/imghp?hl=en&tab=wi

"refresh" Command

 "refresh" command is useful for refreshing page in selenium IDE software automation testing tool. It will just refresh page and then will start execution of next command. It will not wait for page to reload. So that you need to use "waitForPageToLoad" or any other
element waiting command with "refresh" command. Execute above example for more reference.

"waitForPageToLoad" Command

"waitForPageToLoad" is useful to stop selenium IDE software testing tool's execution until page not get loaded successfully. It wait till given time in target column. Selenium IDE software testing tool will execute next command once page loaded successfully on given time.

In above example, "waitForPageToLoad" will wait for 10 seconds to page load and then it will execute next "open" command. If page loading will take time < 10 seconds then it will start next command execution as soon as page loaded successfully. 10 second is maximum time to wait.


  1. as instructed to selenium when agrégé a really a window (which already has other data), not to step on and put in the last line?


  2. Which command can i use for wait forever until the page load, por example if i have issues with network how can i say to selenium wait

    1. you can use waitForPageToLoad with long time duration

  3. This doesn't apply to the new Selenium IDE.