Selenium IDE - Free Web Software Testing - Regression Testing tool

Selenium IDE is software testing tool for web applications. It provides record and playback facility to regression test any web application. To use selenium IDE software testing tool, It is not compulsory to have any software programming language knowledge.

Selenium IDE is open source web application testing tool. Selenium IDE software testing tool provides facility to export recorded script in many languages like HTML, Java, Ruby, RSpec, Python, C#, JUnit and TestNG. You can use these exported script in Selenium RC or webdriver. Script which you create for software web application testing is called test case in selenium IDE language and set of test cases is called test suite in selenium IDE software testing tool. We will learn more about it in latter posts.

To use selenium IDE for regression testing of web application, you have to download it from link given here. Click here to Free download Selenium IDE. You can find latest released version for downloading.But one thing i would like to clarify here is that selenium IDE supports only Mozilla Firefox web browser. So don't try to download it in any other web browser. See my next post to learn how to download and install Selenium IDE in step by step process.

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  2. i am a java developer have 2 years of experience. want to move to testing. please tell me what are the prerequisite to learn selenium? Or it would be better to start from selenium only?

    1. You can learn selenium directly too. But i am suggesting to learn basic features of selenium IDE first and then move to learn selenium webdriver.

      You can learn selenium IDE step by step from this tutorials

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  7. I am new to automation testing, I want to automate my web application in selenium Is selenium good for that or there is any other tool which is easy and user friendly..? Can anyone please respond

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