Which documents or knowledge is required to start writing Test cases

Documents required to start writing Test cases

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Many interviewer ask this question in interview of software testing. Documents require to start writing Test cases are SRS (Software requirement specification), BRS (Business Requirement Specification) and Use Case.

SRS Definition :
SRS is the document which contain all requirement description about software. SRS will be provided by the client before development of software. Basically it is knowladge transfer document between client and development center. Full form of SRS is Software requirement specification.

SRS Example :

Software system should be compatible with mac OS - Safari 5+ environment.

BRS Definition :

BRS is the document which contain business requirement constraints of client application. Full form of BRS is Business requirement specification. here is the one example of BRS

BRS Example :

Log file should be deleted after one year.

Use Case :

Use Case is the document which contain potential requirement of application.


  1. Writing effective test cases is a skill and that can be achieved by some experience and in-depth study of the application on which test cases are being written.STC Technologies

  2. very good explanation..