Types of testing in software testing

Types of Testing in Software Testing

Software tester has to do many types of testing in developed software as per the requirement of application and requirement of client/user. But from them, four testing types are main and will be performed on any new developed application or software in software testing. Here is the list of those main four types of testing.

1. Unit/Component Testing
2. Integration Testing
3. System Testing
4. Acceptance Testing

Definition of Unit/Component Testing :

     In  software application or software program, unit testing is the process of testing the smallest piece of testable software application to determine that whether it behaves exactly as per the expectation or not.This is will be performed first from all types of testing. Unit testing is done by the software developer

Phase of  Integration Testing will comes, once Unit testing passed successfully.

Definition of Integration Testing :

Integration testing is the testing process when  two or more units are combined with each other then produces results that satisfy functional requirement or not. In integration testing, combined two or more modules are tested as a group. testing type integration testing will come in in picture once unit testing completed. If there found any issue during the unit testing and not fixed it, Integration testing can not be done.Integration testing is done by the software tester.

System testing will comes after completion of integration testing in software testing life cycle. 

Definition of System Testing :

System testing is the process to verify that hole integrated system is working fine and as per the requirement or not. system testing explore functionality of the system. System testing is done by the software tester.

After completion of system testing, Acceptance Testing comes in software testing life cycle.

Definition of Acceptance Testing :

Acceptance Testing is performed at last stage of STLC to determine that developed software is as per user's requirement or not. In acceptance testing, Software tester compares each and every functionality of developed software with the requirement document of user and confirm it.

All these four are main types of testing of developed software. there are many more testing types. we will see all of them latter  

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