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What is Integration testing in software testing

Definition of integration testing

Integration testing is the testing process in software testing to verify that when two or more modules are interact and produced result satisfies with its original functional requirement or not. Integration testing is fall in Black box testing. Integration testing will start after completion of unit testing.  Software testing engineer is performing integration testing.

Why Integration testing require?
Integration testing finds the bugs that occur when two or more models integrated. Main purpose of Integration testing is to identifying the functional, requirement and performance level bugs. When modules not integrated, they perform as per requirement but when they integrated, functional, requirement and performance related issues will occurs due to the integration.

There are three different types of integration testing approach in software testing.
1. Big Bang
2. Top down
3. Bottom up

1. Big Bang
Big Bang Integration testing approach used to find the bugs when all the developed modules are interacted with each other and create a complete software system then its produced result satisfying with original requirement.

2. Top down
In Top down Integration testing approach, all Top level integrated modules are tested first and its sub modules tested from top to down step by step.

3. Bottom up
In Bottom up Integration testing approach, all bottom (Sub Modules) level integrated sub modules are tested first and its main modules tested from bottom to up step by step.


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  2. You can get more details on integration testing here

  3. What Is Intigration Testing?
    After completion of dependent programs development & Unit
    testing, the programmers interconnect them. Then the programmers verify the
    interconnection of the programs in any one of the below four ways.
    1. Top-Down Approach
    2. Bottom-Up Approach
    3. Hybrid Approach
    4. System Approach
    Explantion for thse four techniques below URL

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  5. Hi Guys,

    Last week I attended an Interview and the Interviewer asked me who does Integration Testing.
    I told it would be done by Developers after Unit Testing is done inorder to verify whether the functionality is working fine or not
    Then the build would come to Testers
    But he told me that it wont be done by developers
    Could anyone help me out

    1. Integration Testing is carried out by testers it self for more details...or call me...9885543343

    2. Karthikeya Pavan Kumar it is carried out by testers it self...

  6. good article (y) but there is another approach known as Hybrid approach utilizing the good features of both top down and bottom up

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