What is software testing

Definition of software testing:

Software testing is a process of validating and verifying that a software application or software program is developed and work as per the business or user requirements.

Why software testing require?

why software testing require is the question in mind of everyone who doesn’t know anything about software/IT field. Now I am describing why sw testing is needed.

First of all I want to inform you that sw testing is done by the software testing engineer. Software developer develops the software program or software application then software tester has to verify that developed software is working fine or not. If developer has make any mistake in code then software application does not functioning as per its original requirement. Here is one simple example

Suppose one application is developed as per client’s requirement for add, edit and delete records. There is one page for add, edit and delete the records. For that there is putted three buttons named “ADD”, “EDIT” and “DELETE”. Now suppose when user clicks on “EDIT” Button it functioning like “DELETE” button and delete the record. This is the mistake.  “EDIT” button should be work for edit the records. So, this mistake is done by the software developer. Software tester has to verify that each and every function is working as per its function and requirement of business flow or not.

One other thing software tester has to consider in mind during testing is software is developed as per user requirement or not. If user has not demanded add, edit and delete functionality and developer has developed same functionality instead of users any other required functionality then that is the mistake made by developer. Software tester has to verify that developed software is functioning as per user/client’s requirement or not.

If Software is developed against the user/client’s requirement or not working as per expectation then that is called BUG or ISSUE. We will see in detail about the difference between BUG and ISSUE, verification and validation latter.

So sw testing is the important and critical process in software development life cycle.There are many types of testing

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