Prerequisites to learn selenium automation testing with java

Selenium is automation testing tool so before learning prerequisites of selenium automation testing, We can divide software testing in two segments. Manual testing and automation testing.

Prerequisites to learn selenium

Prerequisites To Learn Selenium

Knowledge of web application manual testing

Knowledge of manual testing is first prerequisite to learn selenium automation testing. You must know how to test web application manually because you can not perform automation testing without knowledge of manual testing. Below given manual testing skills is required to learn selenium automation testing.

  • Test scenarios, Test case creation
  • Verifications and validations
  • Functional and non functional testing
  • Regression testing
  • System testing
  • What is bug or defect and how to report it.

HTML and Web Technology basics

As you know, Selenium directly interacts with web elements same as real user. You should know different web element types and its structure. You should learn below given topics.
  • HTML
  • XPath
  • DOM
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • XML
  • Web elements like button, textbox, link, web table, Image, etc.
  • Browser window, frames, child window etc.

Element Locators

After learning HTML basics, You can learn how to locate element using different strategies. You have to provide element locators in selenium test scripts to perform action on that element. You can learn below given element locator strategies.

Locate element by

  • ID
  • Name
  • tagName
  • className
  • tagName
  • linkText
  • partialLinkText
  • xPath
  • cssSelector

Programming language core java basics

As you know, You need coding skill to create selenium webdriver automation test scripts. It is not necessary to learn everything in java. Initially you need to learn basics of java programming language to start with selenium.
  • These beginner java tutorials will help you to learn Datatypes, String, if else, for and while loop, one and two dimensional array, methods, access modifiers, return types of method, static and non static methods, object, variable, constructor, inheritance, interface, arrayList, hashTable, read or write in text file, exception handling and few shortcuts to use eclipse.

TestNG or JUnit framework

It is additional advantage if you basic knowledge of TestNG or JUnit java framework. Annotations are very useful to write selenium test scripts and drive its flow.

You can start learning selenium if above given your basics of manual testing, Basic java, Web technology basic and TestNG or JUnit basic concept clear. These are the basic prerequisites to learn selenium on initial stage.

Advanced level usage is not required to start with selenium.

Later on, You can learn below given topics when you learn to start writing test scripts in selenium.

Advanced java for framework creation

You can learn below given topics on java which helps you to build different frameworks like data driven, keyword driven, hybrid, page object model etc.

  • You can learn these advance java tutorials which covers encapsulation, polymorphism, abstract class and its usage, method overloading and when to use it, usage of final and super keyword.
  • Also you can learn java collection framework tutorial which includes Java collection interface, List interface, Arraylist class, LinkedList, Vector class, Stack class, Queue, PriorityQueue, Deque and ArrayDeque, Set interface and methods, HashSet and LinkedHashSet, SortedSet interface, TreeSet, HashTable, Map, HashMap and LinkedHashMap.


You should basic knowledge of database like writing queries, joins, add/update/delete records from data table.

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