ISTQB - Agile Model

Agile Model is containing agile scrum methodology of project development. Here product will be developed in different sprints with its own development cycle. We can say that this model can be a type of incremental model. This model is widely used in software companies. In this model, continuous iteration will be developed by developer team and testing team will test whole iteration through out the whole development cycle. This iteration can be known as sprint. Here in each sprint requirement analysis phase, design phase then development phase and testing phase will be take place. Each sprint will be developed as an individual module of the whole product.

ISTQB - Agile Model

Each sprint will be developed on the basis of previous sprint. As each sprint will be tested, Quality of the product will be taken care perfectly. Thus, this model can be used while application have more complexity. It has advantage that, If any new feature or New improvement will be  introduced after developing one or two sprint then in next print new feature will be covered and that would be merged at the end of the deployment phase.

Customers will be involved in early stage of development phase and they can check updates frequently so required changes have been built in the running sprint. We can say that it is very much unstructured model as compare to waterfall model. This is the only reason small project will not be developed with agile methodology. In Agile model, if any error will come in the middle of the project then it can be resolved easily and document will not be that much important as development and coding of the product is priorities.

Agile model will accepted the regression phase of testing procedure whenever new features or improvement have been developed or any critical error will be resolved or any new logic have been applied to the old code. Thus, here testing team and development team can work together in each sprint.

After development of each sprint, Testing will also work on the user acceptance testing which improves the quality of the product. This all are the major reason why agile methodology is widely used now a days. Even Planning is required very limited here.

Here as described in the image, whole project will be divided into the different sprints and each sprint will have their own time for development and release. As all sprint have been developed and tested perfectly, Deployment procedure will be done for whole project where all sprint will be merged and then final regression testing and user acceptance testing will be done by testing team. JIRA is the tool which developed for the project which can be used agile methodology. From tracking project to making report, all required functions will be provided by JIRA for Product development. Now let’s see advantages and disadvantages of Agile Model.

Advantages of Agile Model:

  1. Large size of the project can be managed easily if agile methodology have been used for development.
  2. Client will communicate and take part in each sprint so they can verify product development very closely and give their feedbacks continuously.
  3. Late changes and improvements are accepted in this model which is the most useful feature of this model.
  4. Client satisfaction will be good in this model and as communication have been done more often here so good relation can be built with company.
  5. Daily reports and work logs have been shared with client so they can easily identified the work done which make them feel that work will be in progress.
  6. Complex programming and technical challenges have been accepted here and it will improved also.

Disadvantages of Agile Model:

  1. Documents are not on priority in this model but it can be prove more inefficiency in project. Nothing will be mentioned perfectly for whole project so when new resource will be assign to that project then he have to verify the product from the beginning.
  2. As Improvements and changes have been accepted from the middle of the development, Estimation for the particular sprint will not be calculated accurately.
  3. When customer will not response perfectly or he will not sure about what he wants actually in output at that time project can be moved off track easily.
  4. Some required decision can be taken by senior person only so newly joined and fresher resource will not be assigned to that project. 

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