Software Testing Processes

In last article we have seen about the concepts of software testing. Now in this article, we will understand the software testing procedures in detail. I must say, Testing is not a single activity. Software testing is define with the group of processes. This process have different levels like starting from planning to prepare test cases then execution steps and test closer activity. Thus, processes can be divided in below levels.

Software Testing Processes

1. Planning for Software Testing:
  • Software test planning have list of tasks which needs to be fulfilled. First task is to decide the scope of testing and how much risk can be taken for the application. Risk level needs to be confirmed before starting the testing processes. Thus, we can have exact idea about the application and its requirements. 
  • Now next step is to define testing approach. This approach must be discussed with the testing team. Testing Team needs to be confirmed. Resource availability needs to check by the seniors in testing processes. As per the testing team size, required testing time will be calculated. 
  • Afterwards, testing strategy will come to the picture. With the help of the testing strategy we can inform about our tasks to the project manager and development team. As we have seen that Testing strategy will cover the information about the testing approach, Testing Team size, Testing Time schedule , Testing Objectives, Testing Methods and Testing environments. 
  • Now Test design and testing implementation should be discussed with team. Test cases should be written by the testing team in this level. 
  • Test execution Flow need to be discussed within Team. After this all we need to define Exit criteria and coverage criteria for the Application. Coverage criteria means we need to define some percentage of testing status for the application while executing testing phase. To determine the testing activities, this percentage will help us. It will shows then how many check pints and task we need to complete before announcing the test complete procedure.
  • The last step in Planning phase is Test control. How to review and analyze the testing process is define here. All documents are verified and updated as per requirement in this phase. All information regarding testing is describe in detail here. Any decision for testing process is taken here. This all the major points which have been covered in Planning phase of software testing.
2. Analysis and Design : 
  • There are some tasks which have been covered in Analysis and Design phase. Test Design is created in this phase. We can say that Test design is same as Test Cases. Test case format needs to be designed in this phase. As per given format only testers have to create test cases. 
  • After creating the test cases, Review process is done by the senior person of Team. Here all the requirements of application, design specifications, define risks, interfaces, this all point are verified very perfectly in test cases. Spelling mistake should not be present in any documents or Test cases. Priority of Test cases should be defined properly. As per the business flow, Test cases needs to be written.  
  • Each condition of the application should be described properly. Test cases should have proper scenario description. In Test cases format, we may include below columns.
  • Project Name
  • Test Case Written Date
  • Test Case ID
  • Test Case Title
  • Module name 
  • Test case scenario description 
  • Test Priority
  • Pre-condition
  • Test Data
  • Expected Result description
  • Name of Test case creator
  • Name of Test case executor
  • Test execution date
  • Test Case Summary (Pass/Fail)

This all are the fields of test cases. As per the requirement we can add or delete the fields for test cases.

  • With the help of test cases, we can understand the exact flow of the application. Thus here review and analysis process needs to be done.
  • Each condition for application should be covered in test cases. All positive scenarios, Negative scenarios, functional scenarios and GUI scenarios needs to be written in test cases.
  • As per the requirements, Test data should be define with each test cases so while doing testing we can apply directly that test data to our application and verify the expected result.
  • Now important point of analysis is, set up the environment for our application. This must be define in test cases for further use. How to set up the environment that should be define step by step in the first sheet of test case. For example, if eclipse is required for Java codding then which version should be installed for eclipse, this kind of all the information should be mentioned in First Sheet of Test case Excel sheet.
  • This all are the point for Analysis and Design phase of Software Testing.

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