Software Testing Process - Execution Setup & Implementation of Test Cases

In last article we have seen that Testing is not a single phase activity. It has many processes to follow. We have already understood about the 2 level process. 1. Planning for software testing & 2. Analysis & Design. Now we will move on 3rd level. We must say that this one is most important part of testing process as it is containing Execution and Implementation Part of an application or software.

Execution Setup & Implementation of Test Cases

3. Execution Setup & Implementation of Test Cases: 
  • In this phase we are taking test cases one by one in which all the terms and condition have been defined for execution of an application.
  • All the automation scripts and environment have been built in the earliest stage of this level as we have to implements methods for our application too.
  • Testware term is used for execution and implementation for example, Automation scripts and environment set up can be re-used this term will come under Testware.
  • Here in test cases, we need to mention that written test cases are passed or failed. If written condition is not working as per requirement then we need to mark that test cases as failed and what should be the expected result for that fail test case should be written in ‘Expected Result’ column of the test cases so we can verify same test cases in 2nd round of testing.
  • Now come to Test Implementation, It have some major task as below.
  • Test data  
  • Test Procedures 
  • Test Suit Creation
  • Test Environment

  • We need to define priority and wrote our test cases in sequence by using perfect techniques and requirements. Afterwards we can define test data for the application. As per the define Test data we can implement test data for required filed and verify the result. If result will displayed as per expected result then we can say that application is working as expected.
  • For example, a login page is there and we have define 2 filed as Username and Password. In Password filed we have defined some condition as per requirement so here we need to define test data as per the condition like minimum 8 character is required and One capital later should be present in Password. Here our test data for password can be Test1234 and test1234, test. Now as per the test data only Test1234 should be passed for Password, other test data should not be worked. If this wrong data have been entered then a validation message must be displayed on screen that ‘Please Enter 8 digit password with one capital later’.  This is the all about Test Data.
  • Now come to the Test Procedure, Let’s take same example of Login page. Here If Password will be entered incorrectly then application should not allow user to login with application. Procedure of the application must be followed like first user have to enter his username then correct password and then Login button should be clicked and user can be redirect to the application. Here if user will be able to login with application by entering wrong password then it will be a critical issue. So we need to define some pre-requisites and procedure for testing.
  • In Automation scripts also we need to write scripts as per the procedure. Otherwise it will give the error for Object not found on page. Event in Test data sheet for automation, we have to provide all correct data. We cannot do negative testing with automation scripts as it will give error if condition is failed to redirect the page where actual Object of the field is placed. Thus, Positive testing can be done with automation scripts and we can verify the behavior and outputs of application with logs.
  • Test case should be written with assigned test suit. Here we have to create Test suit for maintaining test cases. As per the modules of application, we have to create Test suits and each test case of module needs to be written under respected test suits. For example, Login_Page_Suit, Automation_Script_Suit etc. Here in Login page suit, Test cases for login page should be written only. Same process can be implemented for automation suit too.
  • Now last topic in implementation method is to set the environment as per requirement. Browser version, Device, Operating system for application or software needs to be define before starting the testing. As per define environment, each test cases should run on listed browser version, device and Operating systems as user will use the same while using the application.
  • This is all about Implementation procedures.

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