When an error occurs while software testing

In last article we have seen that what the purpose of testing is. Now, in this article we will see the possibilities for occurring the defects in application or software. Below are the points which can be the possibilities for arise bugs in software.

When an error occurs while software testing
  1. Misunderstanding in Requirement gathering, Design and Environment
  2. Error in Operating System
  3. Error in Environmental Specifications and Conditions
  4. Damaged hardware
  5. Last minute bugs
  6. Invalid Test Data

Even we can say that the person who are doing testing does not have enough knowledge for application or he may be use wrong method of testing which leads to the failure and defect will be occurred.

It is also possible that Developer team have done wrong coding and it won’t caught by tester. May be set up for application can build wrongly. 

Now we can take 4 scenarios to understand about the defect occurrence. Let’s take scenario 1, this scenario will take all positive steps Like First step is requirement gathering then design of the application which needs to be match with requirements then next step will be build management for application. Here Testing and codding phase came to the picture. Both phase will work perfectly here and all the procedure and test coverage have been conducted perfectly here. Thus, in last step Application will work as expected and all requirement have been fulfilled. Here we can say that application have been completed successfully and client will accept this lead. In very rare case this happens. 

Now we will see the scenario 2, In Step 1 we have done requirement gathering. Here client needs a Square shape for his product. From Requirement, we have designed square product which is actual requirement of client. Now that designs have been shared with developer team but Instead of Square, they have built rectangle. Here we can see that expected requirement have been changed in step 3. Afterwards this product will pass on to the testing team and they will post the bugs as requirement have been changed in step 3. Now the product will take more time to build perfectly. Testing team will post bugs for old development as well as new development so double effort will be logged for building a product. This can be a scenario for occurring defects. After completing all procedure we will deliver this to our client.

Now we will see the scenario 3, Here in step 1 requirement gathering have been done perfectly and it have been explained properly to design team but still they have made mistakes in design. This design have been passed to the develop team and they have built product with given design. You can validate that, if Step 2 have been designed incorrectly the further steps will follow the same and this may affect to testing phase too. Now testing team also test the same product which have been designed and developed by the team. Afterward we will deliver this to our client then he will give changes, that changes have been made by developer team then again testing will be required for proper delivery of an application. Here also we can see that double effort have been logged and client satisfaction is not approved. This kind of scenario can be cost effective as client will not give further payment if he is not satisfied with his requirements.

Now we will see the scenario 4, we can take this scenario as worst as possible. Because here requirement is not conveyed properly by client or misunderstood by the team so we can say that our first step is completely wrong. If first step is wrong then design phase, development phase and even testing phase will go wrong. Whatever the efforts have been logged for building an application will be failed as application will not be built as per client expectation. We have delivered the application to our client and he got that it is not developed as per his expectation then he can escalate the team and we need to build whole application again with all expected condition of our client. In this case, client satisfaction is totally failed which is not good for business. Plus effort estimation would be double or we can say thrice. This scenario is lead us to the failure. 

So here we can say that in scenario 1 functional and non-functional requirement is satisfied properly. In scenario 2 defects can be occurred while building the product or development phase of product. In scenario 3 defects can be occurred from design phase only and in scenario 4 defect can be occurred from requirement phase. To prevent this we can follow scenario 1 and scenario 2. Otherwise failure of the product will occur.

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