Goals Of Software Testing

ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications board) examination is based on software testing that have been known by past articles now here we need to understand that what is the goal of software testing in software development life cycle. While building a software are we really meet the purpose of software testing ? What should be the objective of testing? This will be covered in this article.

Goals Of Software Testing

Business requirement is fulfilled by software testing. Quality of product can be increased by testing procedure and test coverage. Test coverage is important point as here we need to decide that how we will cover whole application in testing phase.
Which step should be taken first, which one needs to be performed at last stage this all planning can be done in testing phase. Which part of the application will need more attention and time Or which part can be left in given time period. This all will cover in testing phase and test coverage. We will define Test coverage in upcoming articles.

Now lets see some major points of goals of software testing, 
  1. While developing the program, Programmer may leave error in the code by mistake. Now finding defect from the application is the purpose of software testing.
  2. If defects can be solved in application in earlier stage then we can give clear information about our project to our client with the confidence that project will be working as per their expectation and meet the requirements perfectly.
  3. Quality will be increased and we can prevent the defect here.
  4. Satisfaction level would be more if testing phase covers all requirements
  5. Client will surely approach again if he find best quality of his product and expected result from delivered software application.

This are the goals of software testing. Software testing provide us a result of software application or product requirements or user requirements. Thus, we can say that it is important to take proper test coverage in testing procedure for an application and this must be cover all specifications and application must be tested completely. Single part of application should not be left if that part is performing major role in application. To define perfect test coverage in testing procedure, we need to write proper test cases. All test cases must be cover all test scenarios through which maximum errors and bugs can be defined from application.

A tester needs to write test cases very effectively as objective of software testing can be measured by the number of logged defects against number of written test cases. Once the product delivery have been done then user will use this product as per his requirements. Now in that case, complaint should not be defined by client. Thus, a tester should have proper idea that How the client will use the product and accordingly, a tester needs to be arrange test coverage and test cases should be written as per step by step procedure. This will define higher number of logged bugs against effectively written test cases. This will help to satisfied customer’s requirements.

Testing procedure is declare that testing of an application is completed properly by the testing team hence the product is ready for operate. If test coverage is effective then we can say that all kind of scenarios have been covered to testing phase and all the test cases have been passed successfully. In testing phase, testes have been covered different type of testing types like Functional testing, Integration testing, Load testing, Stress testing and performance testing, Negative Testing. Here performance testing is define about the performance of an application and load testing will define about the reliability of an application. Plus we can give surety that there will not any blocker issues in application and it will not be crashed with any invalid actions. Even complexity of an application have been covered too. Which kind of Hardware and Operating system should be used for an application that can be define by tester team. They can say that How application will run effectively on which hardware device and operating system. Even How to install application that would be define in documents so client can follow the steps easily and we can say that the application easy to learn and use. 

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