How to Test Software Application without Requirement documents

Now a days these became a come thing that tester need to test the application without any requirement documents. These is usually happens in startup or mid-level company some time even in mnc companies. Mostly these thing can be seen in product base companies where requirements are collected on the fly. And just tells developer the thing that they want without any documentation. It is possible to test the application without any requirements provided that it need to be done in proper way.

First of all each and every application has some basic functionality and feature as per the domain that they are developed for. For example if we consider the educational application then the features like registration, admissions, fee collection, library , attendance etc. are common in education based application. If the testers are belong to education domain or has already tested the education application in past then it would be beneficial to understand the core functionality of the application easily as has already tested the similar application in the past. Another example is of banking domain, balance check, money transfer, money deposit, statements etc. are the common thing in bank domain. Third example, ecommerce site, we know today we can see the many ecommerce site which is specifically selling one particular item like you might have seen the ecommerce site which is selling particularly jewelry, or whole ecommerce site for  food or shoes. Unlike which item they are selling the features like searching, adding to cart, filters etc. Are common in all the ecommerce site that is the reason why most of the companies are looking for the tester which has a experience in particular domain.

Tester first need to get some knowledge  about the application, requirements are first thing where testers can know the features and functionality but if there is not documents present then tester also tester can get the knowledge about the application by following things.

  • Tester can interact with the developer who developed the software application about the working of the software. But here the problem is if developer understood the requirement wrongly then as per his understanding he would develop the software. And suppose he explained us he understood then tester may also consider some bug as a functionality.
  • Business Analyst is the second person to whom tester can reach to get the knowledge of the software application. There is less chances that BA mis understood the functionality.
  • Tester may also can contact to clients if it’s possible, but here tester will not get the deep knowledge about the application. client would only able to explain about the core functionality that they want
  • Tester also can self analyze the system and understand the functionality by its own but this may get more time. As this is based on trial and error process.
  • Tester can also interact with Team lead, Manager etc. if they know the working process of the application.

This is how the Tester can test the application without the requirements. There are some pros and cons present but by doing above mentioned steps together then tester may get enough knowledge to test the software thoroughly.

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