How to be the highly skilled Tester in team

First thing you may think why should I be the top in the testing team, what is my benefit in it? And many more question may come to your mind. Even some may think what do you mean by top tester or expert tester? Top tester nothing but a tester professionals which has high skills and able to produce great result in less time. And there are many benefits like better opportunity, early promotion, may get some high level designation very early in as compare to experience and better money.
But how do you become a highly skill software tester? Some may choose the testing field become it does not require coding knowledge or some may also choose testing field become it is less hectic than development. Let me say one thing, by such a mentality you will never be the highly skill testing profession. The first thing which is required to become highly skilled tester is commitment and interest. And even if you choose testing because you are interested in testing then also you may or may not become highly skilled, it requires quality time to become a highly skilled testing and continuous growing and learning new methodologies which are coming in software testing industry and learn on daily basis like blogs, discussions, articles etc. which will help to improve the knowledge about testing. And never get bored by testing stuffs and practice every day.

When you are on project, try to provide value to your client, company. The biggest appreciation is the appreciation done by client. Here what we can do more to get more, review specification requirements, business requirements often it will help you to dip deeper and deeper. And try to use different different techniques which will get better result. Don’t get only satisfied by testing the application positively, also test it for negative scenarios.

Below are things you should do in better way to be a highly skilled tester.

Prioritize the testing effort: when we have less time thenit’s only depends on how to prioritize the test effort which will bring more result. You should be very good in prioritizing the test effort.

Fast Learner:  you should be fast learner, we should get clear understanding in very less time. This will improve our image in team.

Domain knowledge: try to get dipper domain knowledge, it will help to under the requirements properly and also help to decide the test approach.

Good communicator: you should be very good in communication defects, improvements etc. in software industry when any software fails everyone tries to point the finger on each other. This should not be happen. Communicate all the possibility early. Prefer email communication as we will have the proof if anything went wrong.

Test from business prospective more: how much bugs are there or how much it performance factor is there, client is not going to focus on this things, and they only focus on business. So test the software from business prospective.

Should be able to work in team and also able to work alone: if you are working in the team then most of the time many of the team members are have the different approach, different thoughts etc. then how to handle such a situation is important, do what are better to software. And second thing is more small software or in small organization there is only one tester for one project, you should be able to handle everything properly and effectively which will create good impression in other.

Time management: if you are very good tester but if you cannot manage the time properly and effectively then you will be consider as bad tester, because software industry is all about time, if you keep the clients word then only you will get next project from the same client else client will find other company.

Above skill are very important for software professional, these need to be improved to be highly skilled tester profession.

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