Useful Eclipse Shortcuts To Use With Selenium WebDriver Automation

It Is most Important to learn shortcuts of eclipse IDE If you wants to speed up Selenium WebDriver test creation and execution process because performing each and every actions In eclipse using just mouse Is time consuming. If you knows keyboard shortcut keys to perform regular actions In eclipse then It will be very easy for you to do It within one second.

I have prepared list of eclipse shortcuts which I am using In my regular practice. It really helps me to speedup test creation and execution process. Also you can read how to setup eclipse IDE to create and run selenium WebDriver test in THIS POST.

Useful Eclipse Shortcuts For WebDriver Automation
Ctrl + F4Close current selected file.
Ctrl + Shift + F4Close all open files.
Ctrl + Numpad_SubtractCollapse.
Ctrl + Numpad_AddExpand.
Ctrl + Shift + Numpad_DivideCollapse All.
Ctrl + Shift + Numpad_MultiplyExpand All.
Ctrl + SSave Current Selected File.
Ctrl + Shift + SSave All Files.
Ctrl + Page Down/Ctrl + Page UpSwitch to Next/Previous Editor.
Home/EndSet cursor at line Start/End.
Ctrl + Home/EndSet cursor at Text Start/End.
Ctrl + LGo To Line.
F3Jump to variable declaration of selected class, method, or parameter.
Ctrl + SpaceContent assist based on my typing.
Ctrl + 1Open quick fix assist.
Ctrl + 3Open quick assist.
Ctrl + Shift + /Comment selected source code block.
Ctrl + Alt + HOpen call Hierarchy.
Ctrl + Alt + FFormat selected source code
Ctrl + Shift + OOrganize imports in the current java file.
Ctrl + Shift + RSearch for resources
Ctrl + Shift + TSearch for types
Ctrl + F8Change/Switch perspective.
Ctrl + .Go to next problem
Ctrl + ,Go to previous problem
F4Show type hierarchy of the variable
Alt + Shift + RRename of package, class name
Alt + Shift + D, NDebug TestNG test
Alt + Shift + X, NRun TestNG test
F5Step Into function
F6Next step (line by line)
F7Step out
F8Skip to next Breakpoint

Try to use above keyboard shortcuts In your regular practice. At one point you will definitely feel that shortcuts has reduced your selenium automation time and effort. Also let me know If you are using any more shortcuts by commenting bellow. It will help me and many more.

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