Interview Questions Of Core Java For Selenium WebDriver - Part 2

Part 2

6 : What is the difference between static and not static variable?

Answer : Main differences are as bellow.
  • Static variables are preceded by static keyword. For non-static variable, there is not any preceding keyword.
  • Memory is allocated for static variables at the time of class loading. Memory is allocated to non- static variables whenever an object is created.
  • Memory is allocated only once to static variables on class loading. Memory is allocated multiple time whenever a new object is created to non-static variables.
  • Static variable example : Collage name of students, Company name of employees..
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7 : What is the difference between static and not static(Instance) method?

Answer : Difference between static and non static method is as bellow.
  • Method declared with static keyword is static method. If Method declared without static keyword then it is instance method.
  • No need of object to call static methods. Object needed to call instance method.
  • Can not access non static stuff inside static methods directly. Opposite to it, We can access static and non static stuff directly inside instance method.
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8 : What is inheritance in java?

Answer : In Java, Inheritance provides mechanism using which one object of child class can acquire  all the properties and behaviors of parent object. It will crate IS-A relationship. Main usage of inheritance in java is for code re-usability and  method overriding to achieve run-time polymorphism. VIEW MORE detail on inheritance.

9 : Multiple inheritance is supported in java on class level? If No.. Why?

Answer : No.. Multiple inheritance is not supported in java in case of class to simplify the language and reduce the complexity.

10 : What is method overriding in java?

Answer : Method overriding is a feature which allows a child class or sub class to provide a specific implementation of a method which is already provided by one of its parent classes or super class. It is used for runtime polymorphism. You can read more about method overriding on THIS POST.

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