Appium Tutorial For Android

Native android app Automation appium Tutorial step by step. Appium configuration tutorials for android app In windows are described in PART 1. Appium is free software automation testing tools which enables us to automate android and IOS software application's testing process. We can automate Native, Hybrid and Mobile software web applications of android and IOS using appium software automation testing tool and that's what i am going to explain you using bellow given appium tutorials .

Here, I am trying my best to guide you on how to automate android software app testing process through this appium tutorials. Bellow given appium tutorials will help you to learn how to automate mobile software apps using appium. This appium tutorial will help you to learn appium if you are beginner and helps you to increase your knowledge if you know appium. Go through bellow given appium tutorials links step by step to learn how to automate android app using appium.

Note All bellow given appium tutorials articles are depends on PREVIOUS 15 TUTORIALS. So I recommend you to finish them first.

Apps To Use In Bellow Given Appium Test Examples

16 : Appium : Find Launcher Activity And Package Name Of Android App
17 : Appium : Run Appium Android Automation Test In Emulator
18 : Appium : Android Test Using Different Element Locators
19 : Appium : Perform Drag And Drop In Android App
20 : Appium : How To Swipe Vertical And Horizontal In Android
21 : Appium : Swipe Element Using TouchAction Class In Android
22 : Appium Android Example On How To Scroll Down To Text
23 : Appium - How To Scroll Horizontal Tabs
24 : Pefrorm MultiTouch Action Using Appium In Android App
25 : Appium - How To Handle Alert Dialog Of Android App
26 : Appium - Android App Spinner Value Selection Example
27 : Appium - Set Date And Time In Android App
28 : Appium - Capture Screenshot Android App
29 : Appium - Capture Screenshot On Test Failure Or Pass
30 : Appium - Start Appium Server From Command Prompt


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  2. How to turn on/off network using appium for android mobile test

  3. Hello a great tutorial query how can we setup a framework like hybrid using Appium .