Fire-IE-Selenium Tool To Find XPath, CSS Path Or Any Other Locator For IE Only WebSites

There are thousands of software websites which are allowed to access only via Internet Explorer browser. Such IE only software websites are not allowed to access through any other browsers like Firefox or google chrome so you can access such sites In Internet Explorer browser only. Supposing you need to automate such IE only software website using selenium WebDriver. Is there any challenge?

Earlier In THIS POST, we learnt how to run selenium webdriver software test In IE browser. Biggest challenge to automate such IE Only websites Is to find XPath or any other element locator of software web page elements as IE browser do not have any add-on or extension which can provide us XPath or CSSPath directly. Generally we are using Firebug-FirePath Firefox add-on combination (As described In THIS POST) or Element locator for WebDriver Firefox add-on (As described In THIS POST) to get XPath of element. But these Firefox addons are useless as website Is accessible only In IE browser.

Download Fire-IEBrowser1.4.xlsm
There Is one tool called "fire-ie-selenium" which can help us to get element locators for IE only websites. It Is Fire-IEBrowser1.4.xlsm file using which we can get XPath or CSSselector of any element. To get this tool,
  1. Go to THIS PAGE
  2. Download file.
  3. Extract zip folder. You will get Fire-IEBrowser1.4.xlsm file from unzipped folder.
Using Fire-IEBrowser1.4.xlsm To Get XPath Or CssSelector
Let's take simple example of Google website to get XPath and CssSelector path of google search box and google search button.

Note : Tool Is being crashed with some software websites and there Is not any online support for this tool. So use It If works with your website.

  • Open Fire-IEBrowser1.4.xlsm file.
  • Click on Options button. It will open Microsoft Office Security Options dialog as shown In bellow Image.
  • Select Enable this content radio option from dialog and click on OK button.

  • It will open FIRE IE BROWSER - WEB ELEMENT DETAILS dialog with Proceed button as shown In bellow Image. Click on Proceed button.

  • It will open FIRE - HTML window as shown In bellow Image. 
  • There will be URL text field with LOAD button. Enter In URL text box and click on LOAD button as shown In bellow Image. It will open Google WebSite Home page.

  • Right click on Google Search textbox as shown In above Image. It will Open Object Description dialog. Enter "Google Search textbox" In text box and click on OK button as shown In above Image. It will save XPath, CSS Path and other details of Google Search text box In Fire-IEBrowser1.4.xlsm file's sheet.
  • Perform above step for Google Search button and save It with name "Google Search button".
  • Close FIRE - HTML window by right clicking at top of FIRE - HTML window and selecting Close as shown bellow Image. It will close FIRE - HTML window.

Now your Fire-IEBrowser1.4.xlsm file's sheet will looks like bellow.

You can see In above Image, Both element's Name, Tag Name, XPath, X-Path-Relative, OuterHTML, CSSPath and CSSSubPath are stored In sheet. Same way you can get all these detail of any element and use In Selenium WebDriver software test script for IE only or any WebSite.


  1. Beautiful tool..
    Will evaluate, how ever let me know if it supports new popups and frames ?
    thanks you

  2. I will looking for a solution to overcome on New popups having table with data to be fetched, However selenium is unable to find the elements in that window.. suggestion pls

  3. I gotta intermediately comment great thanks for this tool and your post.

  4. I'm using ie11 and my application will work only in ie11 but when I used this fire-ie after providing my application url it's throwing error as it will support to ie6+ versions but still it's not working eventhough IAM using ie11