How To Download And Install Maven In Eclipse Step By Step

We learnt what Is maven and why to use It In selenium project In previous post. Now Its time to Install maven In eclipse. Follow the steps as described bellow to Install Maven In Eclipse.

Prerequisites :
  • Java should be Installed and JAVA_HOME Environment variable should be set.READ THIS POST to know more on this.
  • Eclipse should be configured and Installed In your system. READ MORE on this page for more detail on how to Install eclipse.
Installing Maven In Eclipse

Step 1 : Open eclipse IDE and go to Help -> Install New Software menu as shown In bellow Image. It will open new software Installation window.

Step 2 : Add bellow given URL In Work with text field of eclipse and press keyboard ENTER button. It will search for maven software to Install.


Step 3 : On search completion, It will show "Maven Integration For Eclipse" check box as shown In bellow Image.

Select that check box and click on Next button as shown In above Image. It will start processing as bellow. It can take 1 to 2 minutes.

Step 4 : When above process completed, Install Remediation page will display as bellow. Click on Next On that screen.

Step 5 : Next screen will be Install Detail. Click on Next on It.

Step 6 : Next screen will be Review licenses. Select "I accept the terms of the licenses agreement." radio button and click on Finish.

It will start Installing maven In eclipse as bellow and It can take 5 to 20 minutes to complete Installation. You can run It In background too.

Step 7 : At the end of maven Installation, It will show you message to restart eclipse. Click on Yes button as shown bellow. It will restart your eclipse.

How to confirm Maven Is Installed In your eclipse
To confirm that maven Is Installed properly or not In your eclipse, You need to open eclipse preferences window from menu Item -> Window -> preferences as bellow. It will show you Maven In tree as bellow on preferences window. It means maven Is Installed

You are done with maven Installation. read next post to know how to create new maven project In eclipse for selenium webdriver. If you wants to configure maven In windows then you can read THIS POST.

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