Selenium Latest Questions

Part 22

103 : How to customize Firefox browser profile for webdriver software test?

Answer : You can do It In two different ways.
  1. You can create your desired firefox browser profile before running software automation test and then you can use It In your selenium webdriver software test. VIEW EXAMPLE.
  2. You can customize your firefox browser profile run time before launching webdriver's Firefox browser Instance. VIEW EXAMPLE.

104What is Difference between getAttribute() and getText()?

Answer :
  • getAttribute() method Is useful to read software web app element's attribute value like id, name, type etc. VIEW EXAMPLE.
  • getText() method Is useful to read text from element or alert. VIEW EXAMPLE.
105 : What is the difference between WebDriver and Remote WebDriver?

Answer : Simple answer for this questions Is as bellow.
  • WebDriver : Webdriver Is an Interface or we can say software testing tool using which we can create automated test cases for web application and then run on different browsers like IE, Google chrome, Firefox etc.. We can create test cases In different languages. VIEW MORE DETAIL.
  • Remote WebDriver : Remote WebDriver Is useful to run test cases In same machine or remote machines using selenium Grid.
106 : I have total 200 test cases. I wants to execute only 20 test cases out of them. Can I do It In selenium WebDriver? How?

Answer : Yes. If you are using TestNG with selenium webdriver software testing tool then you can do Is using grouping approach as described In THIS PAGE. Create separate group for those 20 test cases and configure testng.xml file accordingly to run only those 20 test cases.

Also If you are using data driven framework then you can configure It In excel file. You can configure such data driven framework at your own by following steps given on THIS PAGE.

107 : Can you tell me three different ways to refresh page. Do not use .refresh() method.

Answer : We can refresh browser In many different ways. Three of them are as bellow.




  1. by js we can achieve return window.history.go(0) pass in JavaScriptExecutor