Selenium WebDriver with TestNG Interview Questions With Answers

Part 14

63 : What Is TestNG?

Answer : TestNG Is Open Source(Freeware) framework which Is Inspired from NUnit and JUnit with Introducing few new features and functionality compared to NUnit and JUnit to make It easy to use and more powerful.

We can use TestNg with selenium webdriver software testing tool to configure and run test cases very easily, easy to understand, read and manage test cases, and to generate HTML or XSLT test reports.

You will find Selenium WebDriver with TestNG practical example Links on PAGE 1 and PAGE 2.

64 : Can you describe major features of TestNG?

Answer : TestNG has many major features like support of @DataProvider annotation to perform data driven testing on software web application, can set test case execution dependency, test case grouping, generate HTML and XSLT test execution report for software web application etc.. VIEW MORE FEATURES with detailed description.

65 : Describe the similarities and difference between JUnit and TestNG unit testing frameworks.

Answer : You can find all the similarities and difference between JUnit and TestNG framework on THIS PAGE.

66 : How to Install TestNG In Eclipse? How do you verify that TestNg Is Installed properly In Eclipse?

Answer : To Install TestNG software unit testing framework In Eclipse, We have to follow steps as described on THIS PAGE.

67 : What are different annotations supported by TestNG ?

Answer : TestNG supports many different annotations to configure Selenium WebDriver software automation test. You can see mostly used annotations list with detailed description and practical example link on THIS PAGE.

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