Interview Questions For Selenium WebDriver Part 10

Part 10

46 : Can we perform drag and drop operation In Selenium WebDriver? Tell me a syntax to drag X element and drop It On Y element.
Answer : Yes, We can perform drag and drop operation using selenium webdriver software testing tool's Advanced User Interactions API. Syntax Is like below.

new Actions(driver).dragAndDrop(X, Y).build().perform();

View Practical Example

47 : Do you have faced any technical challenges with Selenium WebDriver software test automation?
Answer : Yes, I have faced below given technical challenges during selenium webdriver test cases development and running for software web application.
  • Sometimes (Not always), Some elements like text box, buttons etc. are taking more time(more than given Implicit wait time) to appear on page of software web application or to get enabled on page. In such situation, If I have used only Implicit wait then my test case can run fine on first run but It may fail to find element on second run. So we need provide special treatment for such elements so that webdriver script wait for element to be present or get enabled on page of software web application during test execution. We can use Explicit wait to handle this situation. You can find different explicit wait example links on THIS PAGE.
  • Handling dynamic changing ID to locate element Is tricky. If element's ID Is changing every time when you reload the software web application page and you have to use that ID In XPath to locate element then you have to use functions like starts-with(@id,'post-body-') or contains(@id,'post-body-') In XPath. Other alternate solutions to handle this situation are described in answer of Question 15 of THIS PAGE.
  • Clicking on sub menus which are getting rendered on mouse hover of main menu Is some what tricky. You need to use webdriver's Actions class to perform mouse hover operation. You can VIEW FULL EXAMPLE on how to generate mouse hover event on main menu.
  • If you have to execute your test cases In multiple browsers then one test case can run successfully In Firefox browser but same test case may fail In IE browser due to the timing related Issues (nosuchelement exception) because test execution In Firefox browser Is faster than IE browser. You can resolve this Issue by Increasing Implicit wait time when you run your test In IE browser.
  • Above Issue can arise due to the unsupported XPath In IE browser. In this case, You need to you OTHER ELEMENT LOCATING METHODS (ID, Name, CSSSelector etc.)to locate element.
  • Handling JQuery elements like moving pricing slider, date picker, drag and drop etc.. Is tricky. You should have knowledge of webdriver's Advanced User Interactions API to perform all these actions. You can find few example links for working with JQuery Items on THIS PAGE.
  • Working with multiple Windows, Frames, and some tasks like Extracting data from web table, Extracting data from dynamic web tableExtracting all Links from page, Extracting all text box from page are also tricky and time consuming during test case preparation.
  • There Is not any direct command to upload or download files from web page using selenium webdriver. For downloading files usign selenium webdriver, You need to create and set Firefox browser profile with webdriver test case. You can VIEW PRACTICAL EXAMPLE.
  • Webdriver do not have any built In object repository facility. You can do It using java .properties file to create object repository as described In THIS EXAMPLE
  • Webdriver do not have any built In framework or facility using which we can achieve below given tasks directly : 1. Capturing screenshots, 2. generating test execution log, 3. reading data from files, 4. Generating test result reports, Manage test case execution sequence. To achieve all these tasks, We have to use external services with webdriver like Log4J to generate log, Apache POI API to read data from excel files, Testng XSLT reports to generate test result reports. TestNG to manage test case execution, .properties file to create object repository. All these tasks are very time consuming. ON THIS PAGE, I have described how to create data driven framework step by step for selenium webdriver. That framework contains all above functionality.
You can share other webdriver technical challenges which you have faced by commenting below so that your experience can help to others too.