Latest Selenium Interview Questions With Answers

Part 6

26 : Can we automate desktop software application's testing using selenium WebDriver?
Answer : No. This Is the biggest disadvantage of selenium WebDriver API. We can automate only web and mobile software application's testing using selenium WebDriver.

27 : Can you tell me the alternative driver.get() method to open URL In browser?
Answer : We can use anyone from bellow given two methods to open URL In web browser In selenium webdriver software testing tool.
  1. driver.get()
  2. driver.navigate().to()
28 : Can you tell me a difference between driver.get() and driver.navigate() methods?
Answer : Main and mostly used functions of both methods are as bellow.

  • driver.get() method Is generally used for Open URL of software web application.
  • It will wait till the whole page gets loaded.
  • driver.navigate() method Is generally used for navigate to URL of software web application, navigate back, navigate forward, refresh the page.
  • It will just navigate to the page but wait not wait till the whole page gets loaded.
29 : WebDriver has built In Object Repository. Correct me If I am wrong.
Answer : No. WebDriver do not have any built In object repository till now. But yes, I am using java .properties file In my framework to store all required element objects In my tests. View Example.

30 : Can you tell me syntax to set browser window size to 800(Width) X 600(Height)?
Answer : We can set browser window size using setSize method of selenium webdriver software testing tool. To set size at 800 X 600, Use bellow given syntax In your test case.

driver.manage().window().setSize(new Dimension(500,500));


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