Creating Project Structure For Selenium WebDriver Data Driven Framework

Prerequisite :
1. Work Space and software test Project should be created as described In Step 1.
(Special Note : Please follow each and every step throughout the selenium webdriver software automation testing tool's data driven framework creation. Don't skip any step.)

Here word project structure Is used In terms of creating required packages and folders under project to manage files very easily. Initially we will create bellow given packages and folder under project and later on will create more packages and folders If required. Please read THIS POST If you don't know how to create new package under software testing project In Eclipse.

Create Bellow Given Packages Under "WDDF" Project
  1. com.stta.ExcelFiles :- To store .xls files.
  2. com.stta.Logging :- To store .log file.
  3. :- To store .properties files.
  4. com.stta.SuiteOne :- To store test suite one related files.
  5. com.stta.SuiteTwo :- To store test suite two related files.
  6. com.stta.TestSuiteBase :- To store base class file.
  7. com.stta.utility :- To store utility files.
  8. com.stta.xslt :- To store testng-results.xsl file.
Create Bellow Given Packages Under "WDDF" Project
  1. JarFiles : To store all required jar files.
So now, "WDDF" project structure will looks like bellow.

Main Intention of creating separate packages for different file types Is It will be very easy for us to find and manage any file. Supposing you wants to change something In .xls file then directly you can go to "com.stta.ExcelFiles" package folder and update the file. Same way, If you wants to see execution log then directly you can go to "com.stta.Logging" package folder.

So this Is just Initial project structure of selenium webdriver software automation testing tool's data driven framework. Later on we will add more packages and folders If required.


  1. Hi, Mr. Aravind, "Create Bellow Given Packages Under "WDDF" Project" maybe actually is "Create Bellow Given Folder Under "WDDF" Project".


  2. com.stta.SuiteOne

    What is stta in every package Name?

  3. What is stta in every package name?
    Long form?

  4. its stands for software-testing-tutorials-automation

  5. Thanks, till now easy to implement..