How to download and install junit with eclipse step by step

We have already learn how to configure eclipse for webdriver, Creating new project, new package and then adding new class in my one of the previous post. In that post you can see how to add external jars of webdriver software testing tool in eclipse to install junit in eclipse. Also you can view how to run your first webdriver test in eclipse for better understanding.

Generally you do not need to install junit with eclipse if you have already added external jar files of webdriver software automation tool with eclipse. Because required jar file for junit will be already there with webdriver jar files.

How to verify that required jar file for junit is in my build path or not
For junit jar file verification, Right click on your project -> Build Path -> Configure build path
It will open java build path window as shown in bellow image. In that window, go to Libraries tab. Here you will see all your jar files. In jar file tree view, look for the jar file name which is starting with junit.

Java build path window

If this kind of junit jar file is already there then you do not need to install junit jar with eclipse and you are ready to use junit with eclipse. But if junit jar file is not there then you need to add it.

Downloading junit jar file
Go to website -> Click on download and install guide link will redirect the page at junit jar file download and install page. Here you will find the link like "junit.jar". Click on it will redirect to junit jar file downloading page. From this page download the latest version of junit jar file.

Installing junit jar file with eclipse
Go to java build path window as shown in above figure. Now click on Add External JARs button to add your downloaded junit jar file with eclipse. After adding junit jar file, click on OK button to close java build path window.

Now you are ready to use junit with eclipse for your webdriver test of software application. Click here to view all articles on webdriver software testing tool.

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