Selenium IDE - What is the use of "storeConfirmation" and "storeAlert" commands

There are many commands avalilable in selenium IDE and few of them are very related to "storeConfirmation" and "storeAlert". Do you need complete tutorial of selenium IDE(With Command Examples) to learn it quickly? Best way is Visit this link to get best tutorial with practical examples.
Anyways you can find more commands list to get all examples at one place. Now let me come tho the point - "storeConfirmation" and "storeAlert" commands. One will work for confirmation message and another will work for alert message. I hope that you are already aware about difference between alert and confirmation.

"storeConfirmation" Command
"storeConfirmation" command will retrieve message from confirmation popup and store it in given variable. Another hidden function of this command is it will close the confirmation popup it self.

"storeAlert" Command
Same as "storeConfirmation" command, "storeAlert" command will read the alert text and store it in specified variable and then it will close the alert popup. Run bellow given example in selenium IDE.

New Test
clickcss=div > input[type="button"]

In above example, "storeConfirmation" command will store confirmation(Generated by "click" command) in to variable 'confirmation'. "storeAlert" command will store alert message (Generated through previous "click" command) in to variable 'alert'. Now you can use value of both variable anywhere in your script.

Try it in your software web application to get it better.

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