Example of "waitForAllFields" and "waitForAllButtons" command in selenium IDE

"waitForAllFields" Command

Sometimes when page speed or internet speed is too much slow and page taking too much time to load its element in that case if your targeted element not appears on page withing timeout period then your script will fail. In such cases you need to use commands like "waitForAllFields" and "waitForAllButtons" in selenium IDE.

There are 3 types of assertions available in selenium IDE
1. assert
2. verify
3. waitfor

"waitForAllFields" command will pause the selenium till the given time in value column if the fields which are specified in target column are not appear on the page. Here field means input fields. In bellow given example,
"waitForAllFields" command will wait for 50000 milliseconds for field "sb_form_q" to appear on page.

New Test

"waitForAllButtons" Command

Same as "waitForAllFields" command, "waitForAllButtons" command will wait for the button to appear on page in given time.In above example, "waitForAllButtons" command will wait for 50000 milliseconds for button "sb_form_go" to appear on page.


  1. When I used any of the command with wait and even if I changed the default time even then the below mentioned error will come: If anyone can have best solution please share

    [error] Timed out after 50000ms

    1. May be error is coming because target element not found on web page