If you are new for using selenium IDE software testing tool then first of all you have to understand how to operate Selenium IDE.
Here i have described how to use selenium IDE software testing tool's different elements and its functions.

Speed Controller :

In Selenium IDE, Speed controller is used to control the speed of how fast your test case runs. Set it on fast if you want to run fast test case and set it to slow if you want to run your test case slow.

Note : You can view full selenium IDE tutorial with advanced functions at this link.

Run All Button :
In Selenium IDE, Run All button is used to run the entire test suite. Suppose you have created 5 test cases for you software web application and stored all them in one test suite and if you like to run all they 5 then open your test suite and press this button. it will run all the 5 test cases one by one. 

Run Button : 
 In Selenium IDE software testing tool, Run All button is used to run the selected any one test case.

Selenium IDE : Here i am going to describe how to download and install selenium IDE open source testing tool step by step process.

Selenium IDE download and install step by step process

  • Open Mozilla Firefox Browser.
  • Type URL : http://seleniumhq.org/download/ in your browser. Selenium IDE download page will get open then click on latest Download version link (Here is 1.3.0) as shown in image bellow. click on that link.

Selenium IDE is software testing tool for web applications. It provides record and playback facility to regression test any web application. To use selenium IDE software testing tool, It is not compulsory to have any software programming language knowledge.

Selenium IDE is open source web application testing tool. Selenium IDE software testing tool provides facility to export recorded script in many languages like HTML, Java, Ruby, RSpec, Python, C#, JUnit and TestNG. You can use these exported script in Selenium RC or webdriver. Script which you create for software web application testing is called test case in selenium IDE language and set of test cases is called test suite in selenium IDE software testing tool. We will learn more about it in latter posts.

To use selenium IDE for regression testing of web application, you have to download it from link given here. Click here to Free download Selenium IDE. You can find latest released version for downloading.But one thing i would like to clarify here is that selenium IDE supports only Mozilla Firefox web browser. So don't try to download it in any other web browser. See my next post to learn how to download and install Selenium IDE in step by step process.

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