ISTQB - Software Verification Process

In last article we have seen about the software quality and we have completed first chapter of ISTQB there. Now let’s begin with chapter number 2. It is all about the testing lifecycle. Verification is part of the same.

We can define verification as we can deliver the product which satisfied all the functionality and requirements of client.

Verification needs to be started at very early stage of software development life cycle. Infect first step should be taken as verification. Verification have their own levels. First level is review of the requirements, walkthrough meetings and Inspection meetings. This all term we will discuss later on. This all are the levels that came under verification group. In verification we need to evaluate the documents, test plans, Code Review & requirement specifications. This all are part of verification procedure. 

Let’s take an example of chair to understand the verification procedure. You are building a chair. In chair, you need to verify that it must have four lags, it must have proper size for sitting, it must have proper handle and it must have proper design and look. This all things must be noted in the very early stage of development. Even we can say that all the requirement of making chair is must be verified first before starting to build it. This is call Verification as here we are discussing about all parts of a chair. If any lag of chair is not proper or sitting size is not perfect then it will not be accepted by client and it is very obvious. Same thing we have to notice while building a software or product.

ISTQB - Software Verification Process

If any requirement is not fulfilled as per the client’s expectation then we have to post a defect for same. If defect will not logged then it may leads to the failure of a product. This is the only reason for doing verification at early stage of development phases.

Verification process can give answer of question like, Am I building the product right? And whatever the data have been accessed, is it correct and used at the proper place or not? 

This activity is low level activity. Here as we have seen, we need to go thought the several meetings like walkthrough, inspection , Review meetings, Feedback meetings, training , how to follow some standards and checklists. This meetings can be formal meetings too. For maintaining consistency and correctness of a project, we need to follow the verification procedure for each and every stage of software development life cycle.

As per the CMM (Capability Maturity Model) level, Verification procedure is much important part of software development life cycle. All the requirements of product must be discussed and satisfied at very early stage of development. All pros and cons need to be discussed with team before building the product or software. This may leads to the best development process.

It is obvious that all the risk and quarries have been discussed in early stage of development process then we can create proper product and software without having more critical issues. This may decrease the testing process & with on time we can deliver the best product or software. This all are the procedures of verification.

Now let’s see the Advantages of Verification procedure. If verification procedure have been followed in early stage of development life cycle then product will not leads to the failure. It may happen that improvement can be given by clients but Product will not leads to the failure or client will be satisfied with the delivery at once. We can gain faith of client by delivering best products.

If verification procedures are followed properly then all team can understand requirements properly as this is discussed in all the meetings. Thus, the product will build in better way and it reduced the number of defect. 

Due to Verification procedure, all the problems of the product building can be decreased from communication gap to finding defect, everything have been discussed in all meetings so each team member will be aware with the task. Thus, client will be satisfied with the product or software and they will like to maintain relationship if he will get this kind of proper release every time.
This is all about the verification procedure. In Next article we will discuss about Validation procedure of Software development life cycle.

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