ISTQB - Independent Testing

Independent word itself describes that other person cannot present their views in our working system. In Independent testing single resource or team is handling all the process of testing phase of an application. It has their own risks and benefits which we will see in further description of independent testing.
ISTQB - Independent Testing

Independent testing have some levels for procedure. We can say that it will start from low level to high level. In first level we can say that a test case have been verified with the same person who wrote it. In second level we can say that a test case have been verified by a team member who was not write that test case. In third level we can say that a test cases have been verified by the independent team or group. In forth level, we can say that test case have been verified by the other organization or company. This can be out siders or any certified team who have excellent knowledge of testing procedures.

Independent testing is measured with the renege of testing items. When a programmer is doing testing of his code within programmer’s team then it can’t call independent testing. Same side if a testers are doing integration testing or aby other type of testing for a software and their reporting to person is the development manager then it can’t fall under independent testing. Now coming towards independent testing, if a Group of testing is not belong to the organization but still they have the same reporting to person like developer manager of a company then it can’t call independent testing.

Now let’s come to the concept of actual independent testing, here we can define that any group which is working for other organization. Special Group for Performance testing or Security testing have been hired from another country or region for a company and their reporting to person is not same. A team who have been developed the application their developer manager is different and the testing team who is working out of the company and their reporting to person is not same as the programmer’s reporting to person. Specialist can be find as analysis manager or exports in any technology or someone having good experience in automation tool. This kind pf separate and independent team who have contract based work with the organization, it is called purely independent testing.

Benefits of Independent Testing:

  • A team of independent testers can find more innovative and different bugs which may not be caught by the testing team who is working within the organization.  
  • In the same organization, Business analyst, designers and developer can define their own thoughts for the testing procedures but when it comes to the independent testing then they can conduct different ideas and procedures to find more creative and hidden defects.
  • Here independent testers do not have to report to the project manager within the organization so they can post defect without having any fear.
  • One more plus point is, Independent tester team have took money for their work from an organization so for maintain the reputation they will give their best work for testing procedures and they will provide best results on testing training, testing tools.

This all are the benefits of Independent testing but there are risk also in this. Let’s define the risk of Independent testing.

Risk of Independent Testing:

  • It may possible that independent testing team is working remotely. Developer team is working within the organization but design team, testing team can work remotely at that time communication is the main key. If communication gap take place then whole working team will have trouble to meet deadlines for software development.
  • Due to this, dis honestly is came to the picture. Ideally unfriendliness creates the problem within the independent teams which may leads to the bad quality of product.
  • Independent team is not involving the development of software so support from the different team is not given and project goal is not fulfilled. Some political issues are faced by each team individually.
  • If team is well organized still some time some perspective of any member will create the problem and some team is not providing release on time which may integrated with another team then it creates the problem of quality.

This all are the risks of independent testing.

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